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2nd Annual Poster Showcase and Networking Event

2nd Annual Poster Showcase and Networking Event

By: Michelle Skinner

The Department of Pharmacy Practice has gone viral, though not in a way typically expected in the pharmaceutical field. The 2nd Annual Poster Showcase and Networking Event on November 11th featured a poster that presented and analyzed the innovative use of social media in promoting the seven pharmacies spread across the UIC campus. This poster comprised a field of 14, all of which detailed the research Department of Pharmacy Practice faculty members have completed. 

The posters ranged in topics from “A rubric’s effectiveness in evaluating pharmacy student communication skills during a patient interview” to “Risperidone-associated prolacting elevation and markers of bone turnover during acute treatment.” The Department of Pharmacy Practice supports a plethora of research interests, and the event displayed the collaborations formed by faculty members in pursuit of a thoroughly researched topic. The event fostered communication between faculty members regarding their varying research goals while also allowing for new collaborations to be formed between researchers.

The event welcomed the general population of the College of Pharmacy, and many took advantage of this fact, with a multitude of students present at the event. Through attending the event, students were able to pinpoint faculty members whose research interested them, allowing not only colleagues to form new collaborations, but granting students an opportunity to seek out research opportunities which drew their interest. The credit for the success of the Poster Showcase and Networking belongs to Natalia Glubisz, Grants and Contract Coordinator for the Department of Pharmacy Practice, who undertook planning the event for the second year in a row. All who submitted entries in the event and attended deserve are appreciated for their fastidious research and dedication.

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