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Dr. Engle on use of Sleeping Pills on Dr. Oz

Dr. Engle provides insight into the use of sleeping pills on Dr. Oz

On February 12th, Dr. Janet Engle PharmD was invited to provide her medical and professional expertise as being a guest on the Dr. Oz talk show. The focus of the show revolved around the use of sleeping pills.

Insomnia is one of the most common medicals complaints to medical professionals. Almost 70% of primary care patients complain of sleep issues. There are many reasons people cannot fall asleep at night – varying from depression, stress, medication or poor sleep hygiene.

Some may take a trip to their local drug store to buy sleeping aids or see their physician for prescription medication.

During the airing of the show, Dr. Oz stated “almost 25% of people in this country take medication to help with sleeping, but there is a shocking new study that indicates sleeping pills may pose very serious health risks that you may not be aware of”. You should always talk to your doctor before taking any sleeping aid medication.

Dr. Engle was a special guest on this segment to shed some light on the topic. She added that risks are especially higher for women because they metabolize the medication at a slower rate and that the “hangover” side effects like drowsiness and grogginess can still be noticed after sleeping a full 8 hours.

This was a great opportunity and experience for Dr. Engle. It showcased the level of expertise the UIC College of Pharmacy has to provide to the community.

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