Department of Pharmacy Practice

College of Pharmacy

4th Annual Poster Showcase and Networking event

Our 4th annual poster showcase on November 8th 2013 was a great success in which 20 posters were showcased. The event was very well attended by students, faculty and staff from the Department. The event gives faculty and students a chance to display work presented during the year. It also brings about discussions about current and future project ideas.



The Department welcomes and promotes research collaboration and this has become a fun way to showcase the accomplishments by our Department. Students are able to discuss their research ideas and data along with faculty to gain insight and advice for the direction of their future research endeavors.




Natalia Glubisz, Coordinator of Grants and Contracts successfully organized this annual event and would like to thank everyone who submitted their entries to make this event successful.

If you have any questions or ideas for future events, please contact Natalia at

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