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Building Access/University ID card

A security system in the College of Pharmacy (building 924) and tunnels that link Clinical Sciences Building (building 920), College of Pharmacy Building (building 924), Administrative Office Building (building 941) and the UIC Hospital (building 949) is in place. The implementation is as follows:

The outside exterior doors of 924 (north, south and east) will be locked and alarmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The west door (facing Wood Street) will remain open during all normal business hours and is equipped with Americans with Disability Act handicapped access panels.

Alarms are set on a motion sensor and are programmed for the "Request For Exit" function.

Keys to turn off the alarms will be in the Dean's office and the College of Pharmacy Information Technology Unit. These can be used to turn off the alarms if necessary (e.g in the event of an extensive delivery or move

As has always been true of our security plan, College faculty, staff and students who have appropriate clearance will be able to swipe their I-Card and gain access through any of these locked doors assuming that an appropriate access request has been generated by the Department and forwarded to Bernie Greski, blossom@uic.edu.