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Student-Instructor Evaluation Policies and Procedures Needs

Student-instructor evaluations are only one component of a faculty member’s teaching evaluation process. Department Heads will be asked which faculty members in what courses are to be evaluated from their departments. Suggested guildelines for deciding which faculty members to evaluate are as follows; Full and Clinical Full Professors once every three(3) years; Associate and Clinical Associate Professors once every other year; and Assistant and Clinical Assistant Professors every year. (Individual faculty members should be evaluated in different courses during different years.) Faculty members who would like to be evaluated at times other than the above guidelines can make that request to their department heads.

  • All courses should include a student-instructor evaluation component.
  • The Office of Academic Affairs(OAA) will coordinate the student-instructor evaluation process. The forms will be available from OAA and disseminated by the course coordinator/s.
  • Student-course evaluations should be conducted during the last week of class and not during finals week.
  • Course coordinators are asked to set aside approximately 10 minutes at the beginning of class to do the student-course evaluations.
  • The team leader or his or her designee will be responsible for collecting the forms and returning them to the OAA.
  • Course Coordinator/s and Team leaders will receive the summarized course information and determine the areas which need to be revised for the future. The Team Leaders will provide to EPC an overview of the course data and its potential impact to the curriculum.