Information Technology Unit

Standardization Program for Tier I Hardware Support

Program Overview

The College of Pharmacy Computer Hardware Standardization program began in Fall, 2008 as an effort to offer prompt, reliable, and repeatable support in purchasing, installing, configuring, and repairing IT systems throughout the College of Pharmacy.

Computers selected through the Standardization Program are supported by the IT Unit while in warranty.

Key Benefits

  • Warranty - Standardized computers receive 4 and 5 year warranties standard, in the years where most hardware failures can occur
  • Vendor Support - Standard computers often receive a higher level of vendor support, faster parts shipments, faster repair times, on-site service
  • IT Support - The College of Pharmacy IT unit provides Tier I Support for in-warranty standard PCs, printers, and select portable devices.  While Apple/Mac computers currently receive Tier III "best effort" support, adopting a standard Mac will improve support outcomes and ensure it can be connected to the UIC / Pharmacy Active Directory and network access.
    • Trained technicians - Pharmacy IT staff receive certifications through our vendors to support standard hardware
    • Parts - We maintain greater depth of parts, including parts closets for some models.
    • Knowledge - By maintaining core knowledge of key models, we are able to have a greater depth of support for common issues.
    • Stability - By working with vendors typical 1.5 year sales cycle, and by selecting models which have proven parts rather than bleeding edge parts, we are able to provide more stable software and hardware support
  • OS Support - All hardware purchased through our vendors comes with an Operating System supported by UIC and the College of Pharmacy, and is guaranteed to connect to the required UIC Active Directory
  • Cost - Although upfront cost of non-standard models appears less expensive, with supported hardware, warranty, and operating system, costs are less over the long run.  Additionally, less downtime, business staff time purchasing, and less end user time is needed.
  • Efficiency - By selecting a standard computer which is connected to the Active Directory, virus and spyware impacts will be significantly reduced
  • Network Access - Standard computers, when configured by the IT Unit, will be granted access to the University network, even as increased campus network access controls are implemented
  • Default Setup - Standard computers will be setup with all basic software, security software, connections to network printers, shared storage, network backup, as required by HSC policies.
  • Audit and BCP/DR compliance - All standard systems will be managed to facilitate implementation of current recommended practice to be compliant with federal regulations, including HIPAA/FERPA current practices, HSC security policies, and improve compliance with College and University Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning.

How to Select A Standard Computer or Technology/Peripheral, or Supported Service

  • PC - To select a Tier I supported PC for use in the College of Pharmacy, please visit our PC Standards web page
  • Mac - To select a Tier III supported Mac system for use in Pharmacy, please visit our Mac Standards web page
  • Printer - To select a supported printer for use in Pharmacy, please visit our Printer Standards web page
  • Backup - To setup/maintain a UIC supported backup program on your system, please visit the Supported Backup solutions page
  • Storage - To setup/maintain a storage solution for your department, unit, or office, please visit the Supported Storage solutions page
  • Data Encryption - To learn more about supported data encryption options, please visit the Supported Data encryption solutions page
  • Audience Response - Please visit the supported Audience Response system page for more information

Additional Information on Support

To learn more about Desktop standard support options offered by the College of Pharmacy IT Unit, such as Tier I, II, and III support, including support levels, please visit the Support Levels page.

IT Help for Non-Standard Hardware, Software, or Systems

As part of our effort to support all students, faculty, and staff in their academic, research, or clinical efforts with the UIC College of Pharmacy, we don't want to turn anyone away.  To help fill the gap between supported systems purchased through Pharmacy, we offer two programs which extend our services beyond the typical support:

Ask the IT Expert

Held on Friday from noon until 1 pm, this session allows anyone with a technical support question or need related to their work in Pharmacy to come into our office for support.  This is a great opportunity to bring a typically non-supported system in for tools, tips, and tricks to solve tricky technical problems.

Wireless Wednesday

Held Wednesdays from noon until 1 pm, this session is available for anyone who needs additional support (beyond our providing you our technical guides and other support) setting up wireless on their computers.  If you are unable to make Wireless Wednesday, you are also welcome to visit "Ask the IT Expert" on Fridays.  Also, at the Chicago campus, you may visit 109 BGRC at the northeast corner of Damen and Taylor anytime for wireless support.