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Blackboard Course Management System

Blackboard is a Web-based integrated teaching and learning environment. It has been available at UIC since May of 1999. Course site development and navigation is accomplished through a consistent and easy-to-use web browser user interface.

Visual Guide to Blackboard 9
  • Overview (Flash File - 7:10 min.)
  • Student Perspective (Flash File - 9:45 min.)
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    Visual Guide to Microsft Office Outlook 2007 Setup

  • Configuring Outlook for IMAP (Flash File - 3:17 min.)
  • Outlook Send and Receive (Flash File - 1:26 min.)
  • Procedure to convert from Eudora to Microsft Office Outlook 2007

  • Classroom Interactive Manuals:
  • Touch Panel Demo (Flash File - 12:03 min.)
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    Video Conferencing Manuals:
  • How to make a Video Conference call?

    Echo360 Lecture Capture :

    Echo360 Lecture Capture allows instructors to record class sessions. The recordings (echoes) are then available electronically on systems such as Blackboard. The lecture capture system at the College of Pharmacy records all audio and video sources that route through the classroom’s multimedia system. (Please remind students that the primary purpose of Echo360 recordings is to provide a backup for Distance Learning Education therefore they may not always be available. Students are responsible for their class attendance.)


    Quick Links
    Recording Agreement Permission Form
    Echo360 Lecture Capture Request Form
    Request a Blackboard Site for your Class


    TurningPoint(Audio Response System): This feature integrates 100% into Microsoft® PowerPoint® and allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a ResponseCard™ keypad or other hand-held/computer devices. Using a TurningPoint audience response system, your PowerPoint presentations become powerful data collection and assessment tools that collect real-time audience responses and dramatically improve productivity and results for your business or educational organization. Author, deliver, assess and report without ever leaving PowerPoint. Engage participants, assess learning, gather data, or enhance presentations with TurningPoint. You can either download the latest version online or use the faculty laboratory.
  • How to insert basic slides?
  • How to fill in the blank slide?
  • How to convert power point slides?
  • How to run presentations?
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