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IT resources for incoming students at the UIC College of Pharmacy

Q. What is a NETID?

At UIC, a netid is a string of 3-8 characters by which you are known. It usually represents the name of the person and has no periods or other punctuation. Students are automatically assigned netids when they are admitted. By convention, UIC student netids are of the form flllll##, where f is the first letter of the student's first name, lllll are the first five letters of the student's last name, and ## is a number, from 1 and up, to ensure the netid is unique. For example, if Ada Byron was a student, her netid might be abyron12.

Q. Why should I activate my NETID?

New students, staff and faculty will not be able to obtain ACCC services, such as an email, Web publishing, other services provided by the university without activating your netid.

You can activate you netid using Activating Net ID. Select "Activate NetID" option present on the link. Then follow the steps provided.

Q.What is the ACCC Common password

The ACCC Common password is a single strong password that is used for your ACCC accounts on email and other online services. Click here to set and change your ACCC common password. Make sure your password is memorable and secure

To change your password click here

Forgot your password? Click here to view the Password Recovery Options.

Click Here as a precautionary measure to forgetting your account details set a Challenge/ Response for your NETID and also select your emergency Email Address.

    Register a Challenge/ Response for your netid: This will allow you to change your ACCC common password if you can provide the right Response for your recorded Challenge. The Challenge is a question that presumably only you know the answer to, and the Response is the answer. The Set Up Web page has the details of case, punctuation, spacing, and length.

    Select an Emergency Email Address: You can you use this if you have a secure email address that doesn't depend on your ACCC password. It works this way: when you forget your password you tell us. We will send a special secret and a URL to your emergency address. You go to that URL and cut the secret from the note (without any blanks at the beginning or the end) and paste it into the our Web page, and then you will be allowed to change your ACCC common password. The Set Up Web page has more information on this option. You don't want to use an email address that other people know about or that has an easily guessed password.

Note that your security in using these services is completely in your hands. Anyone on the Internet can find out your Challenge phrase, and they can make as many guesses at your Response as they have the patience to enter. Thus Challenges like "What is my spouse's name?" or "What is my favorite color?" won't do. (The first is too easy to find; the second is too easy to guess.) And your emergency email address is only as secure as you keep its existence and password. If you advertise its existence, you're asking for someone to try it out and see if it works.

Enterprise Resource tools:

The University of Illinois' Enterprise ID is a set of integrative tools that will be used by all members of the University of Illinois community, students, faculty, and staff. These tools range from online student course registration to human recourses and benefits.

The Enterprise tools have their own login and password, your University of Illinois Enterprise ID and password. You will be assigned an Enterprise ID, EID, (you must "claim" it) and must reset your Enterprise password at that time. You will be given a chance to claim your EID as part the process of activating your UIC netid and choosing your ACCC common password, or you can do it directly at the Enterprise Password Reset page.

Important: You will need to use your UIC netid and ACCC password to claim your EID. When asked to enter your UIC netid as part of the login process, type it with at the end. So if your UIC netid was jtesti99, you'd enter it as

Enterprise Password Reset

Resetting your enterprise password does not reset your ACCC common password, and your ACCC common password and UofI Enterprise password are not coordinated with each other.

For more information:UI-Integrate Self-Service Special Instructions/Information

Q. How do I access my UIC email address?

You can access your UIC email address using Webmail. Please use your netId and password to login.

Once you login, you can see the mails sent to your UIC mail id. You can also send the mails using Compose option.

Q. How do I forward my UIC email to some other email address?

Do this by filling out the form on ACCC Email Forwarding Web Page. Changes take place immediately. Any email address will do; it doesn't have to be an ACCC server or even be on campus. After you do this, email that comes to campus addressed to your will automatically be forwarded to the email address that you chose.

Please note that email forwarding is a POP activity, i.e. you will not be able to see a copy of the email in your UIC email address.

Q. What can I do about spam email?

The ACCC applies the ACCC AntiSpam Filters to all email that comes in to any UIC address, including email that is not delivered on-campus.

The email that is definitely spam is thrown away; the email that may be spam is delivered to your spam mailbox on the server.The ACCC's antispam email filters can help; the Email Filters tool has a separate section that allows you to change the set up of your antispam filters. See Canned Spam Filters for more information and instructions on how to set them up.

Q. What is U-Print?

U-Print is a printing system implemented by ACCC. Among the main goals of U-Print is to reduce waste -- there's lots of that in the labs. Allowing you to cancel jobs you don't want printed is one way that U-Print addresses this problem, but there's another: U-Print comes with a per-semester printing quota.

Each person starts the semester with a $15.00 printing credit. (Per person, not per account.)

You will be charged 6 cents per physical page printed on black and white printers when the page is printed on both sides and 8 cents per page when it is printed on only one side. Again, other printers may have a different rate schedule.

A "page" means physical pages printed on black and white printers; duplex pages -- ones printed on both sides the paper -- will be charged as one page. All U-Print print queues print duplex by default.

Pages printed in color printers or on other specialized printers may have different rate schedules; see U-Print ACCC Public Printing System.

A semester is the period beginning on Monday of the week before classes start continuing until Monday of the week before the next semester starts.

Left-over portions of quotas do not carry over from one semester to the next.

Q. How does U-Print work?

Here's how U-Print works:

1. Simply click to print your document as usual to create a print job.

2. When you're ready to print your print job, at any time up to 12 hours after you submitted it, go to a U-Print station next to a printer in an ACCC lab.

3. Login to the U-Print station using your ACCC netid and password. A list of the jobs you have ready to print and the amount of money that you currently have left for your print quota will be displayed. (You will start each semester with a free U-print balance of $15.00.)

4. Select the job you want to print, and click Print. (Or Delete to cancel the job.)

5. Logout.

Q. My free U-Print quota is over. How can I print now?

Starting Spring Semester, 2010,ACCC changed the way you pay for printed pages above and beyond your free printing quota. ACCC is now using UIC Dragon Dollar$ instead of the separate system that we used for paying for print jobs previously.

Everyone at UIC automatically has a Dragon Dollar$ account; you do not need to create one.You can add funds to your Dragon Dollar$ account using cash, credit, debit, or by billing to your USFS Student Account (students only). There are several locations on campus where you can add money in person, or you can do it on the Web, at, using credit cards only. This site can also provide limited balance information and reports. Please visit Purchase Locations & Fees for details.

For more information about printing , please visit ACCC Printing FAQs


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