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Getting Started with TurningPoint 2008 with Office 2010

Download TurningPoint Instructions manual (pdf version)

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1. Launch Turning Point 5 by double clicking on the desktop shortcut.
2. Turning Point will now open in a new window. To edit PowerPoint presentations with Turning Point, select "PowerPoint Polling" on the home page.

3. You should now see the Turning Point toolbar across the top of your PowerPoint window. If you click on it you will see a number of icons which correspond to various Turning Point functions.

4. You can now open an existing PowerPoint presentation and add Turning Point slides to it, or you can start a new presentation. In either case you will be clicking on the "New" icon on the Turning Point toolbar across the top of your window to add Turning Point slides to your presentation. When Opening or showing the finished presentation it is necessary to first launch Turning Point and then open the presentation file from within the application. 5. You will now choose the type of turning point slide you would like to create from the "New" dropdown menu.

6. Based on your choice of slide type you will now have a template from which to create your Turning Point slide. This slide can be edited just like a regular PowerPoint slide as far as appearance is concerned.

7. Highlight the example text on the slide in order to customize it for your data. You can create up to ten answers in the answer text box. When done entering the answer text, click outside the answer text box and the graph will adjust to match the number of answers.

8. It is also possible to add Turning Point Objects to your Turning Point slide, such as countdowns, response counters, and correct answer indicators. These objects can be added by selecting them from the "Objects" drop down menu from the Turning Point tool bar.

9. From the Turning Point 5 Settings Pane on the right side, you can give values to your answers such as correct, incorrect, point value, or no value if you are only conducting a poll. NOTE: For Correct Answer Indicator, refer to Step 8. If you would like the audience to select multiple answers on the slide, use the dropdown box here to set the number of responses.


10. To reset the data you just collected, you can click on the "Reset" Icon and select "Session" from the dropdown menu. This will prepare your slides to collect new information from the participants. (Note: You need to reset session data before beginning your presentation in order to clear out any cached data, otherwise your presentation may not collect data properly.)

11. When the presentation opens, advance through the slides by using traditional PowerPoint methods, such as mouse clicks or arrow keys. When reaching a TurningPoint slide, polling will automatically open, with the showbar appearing in the top right corner. The number of responses will increase when answers are polled.

12. Advance the slide to close polling and show the results of the polling.                                                                               http://chi-cop01.cade.uic.edu/servlet/images/requiredFieldError.gif

13. When the presentation has finished you can save your session data from the audience by clicking on "Save Session" from the Turning Point Tool Bar.


Generating Reports

1. To view a report of your session data click on the "Reports" icon in the Turning point tool bar.
2. After selecting "Reports" a window will pop up asking you to select a session. Highlight the session you wish to view.
3. Now you will select the type of information you want to be displayed in your report. Select a report type from the "results by" dropdown box.

4. The report will automatically fill into this window. You can export this report to another program or print the report directly.

Participant Lists

1.  Click "Manage" and then choose "Create New List".

2.  Select "Download from Integration".

3.Select "Blackboard" under the "Integration" drop down list. Type "blackboard.uic.edu" under "Server Address". Then enter in your netid and common password. Click "Connect".