Information Technology Unit

Common IT Problems

Having problem accessing internet on campus????????

You need to install a software called "Secure W2" on your machine. Please follow the steps provided in link below to connect to UIC-Wireless

My computer is infected!!! Something weird is happening on my machine!!!

For Virus Removal, please follow the steps provided on Virus Removal link.

I think someone has hacked my password!!!!!!!! I want to change it right now!!!!!!!!

Use  Password change to change your password

I am not able to recollect my password!!!!!!! What should I do to recover my password???????

Use Recovery to recover your password

If you are a faculty and staff and wants to access to Licensed Software through ADDA(Active Directory Desktop Application), then here is all the information required for ADDA installation and use:

Want to forward your UIC emails to other mail id????? Please follow instructions given in below link

My email is OVER-QUOTA, what can I do??? I am not receiving email someone sent me...WHY????? I am unable to send emails.....WHY?????

You need to check whether you have exceeded the email-quota allocated to you. Use email-quota tool to check your emails-quota:

I want to setup email client on my machine. Can you help me????

Sure!!! Here are links for setting up various email client.

Want some information about UICalendar Calendar and Schedling system using Oracle Calendar!!!!!!!!!! Go through the link below:

Having issues in viewing mp4 echo files????????????

The m4v file extension may present some issues when attempting to playback. Unprotected M4V files, can be recognized and played by other video players. To do this, the file extension needs to be  changed from “.m4v” to “.mp4”.   However, it has been reported that Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc. would be able to play the files, but the files would be in audio only.  Zune has proved that it can play the “.mp4” formatted file with audio/video.