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From:  Joe Kaufman, Information Technology

RE:       “Big Boss” e-mail / Computer Virus

Over the weekend many of you received multiple notes from big@boss.com.  Some of those notes contained an attachment.  As many of you realized, the attachment contains a virus. If you deleted the note without opening the attachment, you will not be infected.  Even if you opened the attachment, NAV should have quarantined the virus if you update Norton Anti-virus (NAV) every day.  (Opening the note without opening the attachment will not infect your computer.)

This morning ACCC blocked any further transmissions of notes from big@boss.com.

This virus will only attack PCs, not Macs, unless your Mac is running Virtual PC or Citrix.

If the virus was quarantined, you do not have do anything.  If you want to delete the quarantined virus, open Norton Anti-Virus by double-clicking on the yellow shield in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.  Click on View, Quarantine, highlight any or all of the viruses listed in the right-hand box, and click on the red X.

If you were infected, please contact us for help in removing the virus.

In general, you should not open an attachment from unknown senders.

This virus, w32.sobig, appears to use your computer to spread itself.  It does not do any other damage to your computer. For more information about this virus, click on this link:


If your not sure if you are updating your antivirus program daily using Norton's LiveUpdate feature, please contact us.

One other way to protect your computer is to backup your computer automatically every night.  using a program called Tivoli ADSM.  The newest version allows the scheduled backup to run without you having to type a password when you boot your computer.

If you need help removing the virus, installing Norton, configuring LiveUpdate or installing/updating ADSM, please feel free to contact us at 6-8736 or helpdesk@uic.edu.

Joseph H. Kaufman
Director, Computer Services
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy
833 S. Wood (m/c 874) / Chicago, IL 60612
Email: kaufman@uic.edu / Voice: 312/996-4683 / Fax: 312/413-0497