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College of Pharmacy Conference Rooms Procedures

Using the Conference Rooms in the College of Pharmacy
Procedures Guide (Non-technology)

Scheduling Procedures:
  • Provide meeting location, date and time (and/or time zone), even if the attendee will not likely attend in person. 
  • Determine if connecting via telephone, video conference, or both.
  • If external participants attend, provide the phone number or IP address for the room and who will initiate the call .  If the remote person initiates, obtain their contact number or IP.
  • Ensure a meeting coordinator/designate is available to setup the telephone or video conference unit/TV for the meeting.
  • Schedule a time 48 hours prior to the meeting for any IT related training or information that is needed.  Additionally, the IT unit is happy to perform a ‘test run’ to be coordinated between COP Chicago/Rockford IT staff and the external attendees and internal meeting coordinator. Please Note: the meeting coordinator must be present to understand the operation of equipment.

Click here to download Video Conference Check List .
Click here to download Classroom Manual.
Click here to download Conference Room Manual.
Click here to download Video Conference Contact List (IP Address and Phone Numbers).

IT staff are on call from 8:30 am until 5 pm in the event of an emergency.  For Chicago campus, please call the IT hotline at 5-2878 or stop in room 180 in the event of equipment failure. For Rockford campus, please stop by room E115 or call Hotline at 815-395-5950.

The IT Unit is happy to offer training on using the system at any time up to 48 hours prior to the meeting time.  Additional instructions are provided at each conference location.Additional instructions are provided at each conference location. To schedule a training session, please email pharmhelp@uic.edu.

Glossary of Terms

  • Audio conference unit – Typically, a telephone conference unit or Polycom that can be connected to a power outlet and telephone jack.  It is used in the same way a standard telephone is used.  At UIC, dial 9 to obtain an external line.
  • External attendee – Anyone not physically in the conference room but participating in the conference call.
  • Meeting Coordinator – The person responsible for setting up or scheduling the meeting.  Although this may be the person conducting the meeting, it may often be that person’s designate.
  • Video conference unit – Typically, a Polycom or Tandberg hardware or software component that allows transmission of video over the internet.
You can also download the procedure guide here.