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Remote Assistance

Use remote assistance to solve your Windows XP computer problem

With the Remote Assistance feature in Windows XP, the Information Technology Unit / Help Desk can easily work with you to solve your computer problems because we can both SEE what is on your computer screen.  In addition, we could control your PC (if you allow) temporarily, to fix a problem.

You can access Remote Assistance function through HELP and send an e-mail with a Remote Assistance invitation to pharmhelp@uic.edu.

Enable Remote Assistance on your computer

 1. Go to “System Properties” first. There are two ways to go. Right click “My Computer” on the Desktop, then choose Properties. Or, Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System. Then click Remote tab.

Step 1 System Properties

2.  Make sure the Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer check box is checked. The default setting is that this is usually checked. You may not have to change it.

3. Click the Advanced button. Select the Allow this computer to be controlled remotely check box. Then click OK. And OK again to quit System Properties.

Submit your request for Remote Assistance

1. Click Start -> Help and Support.

Submit your request for Remote Assistance

2. Click the Support button.

Click the Support Button

3. Then select Ask a friend to help on the left.

Ask a friend to help

4. Select Invite someone to help you.

Invite someone to help you

5. Use e-mail option here. Type our help-desk e-mail address in the field: pharmhelp@uic.edu. Then click Invite this person.

Invite this person

6. Write down what is the problem and what kind of remote assistance that you want in the Message field. Then click Continue.

Write down the problem

7. Please set a time for the invitation to expire, usually several hours. Type the password pharmacy in the password field to protect your system and type it again for verification. Then click Send Invitation.

Please set a time

If your e-mail client software is Eudora, this operation will invoke your Eudora and automatically compose an e-mail to pharmhelp. Just send the e-mail and wait for our assistance from ITU. You can also give us a call at 5-4461 or 6-8736 indicating that a request has been sent.

Accept Remote Assistance invitation

1. There will appear a pop-up dialog box informing you the arrival of a remote assistance. Select YES.

remote assistance

2. From the next window, chat with our technician about the details about the problem.

Chat with our technician

3. When our technician sends a request of control sharing of your computer, you will see a dialog window like this, read the instruction and click Yes.

Click Yes

Now both our technician on the remote side and you are having the control of your computer. Let our technician finish the operations on your computer.

End a Remote Assistance

Either you or our technician can stop the control sharing on your computer by pressing the ESC key. You will see a dialog window as follows. Click Ok to quit.

Ok to quit

Accept a Remote Assistance invitation (for ITU Tech only)

These are the instructions we will use to connect with your PC.  Or, if  you wish to send a Remote Assistance Invitation to a colleague, they would follow these steps.

There will be an email in pharmhelp@uic.edu, “YOU HAVE RECEIVED A REMOTE ASSISTANCE INVITATION FROM: user”. Open it.  There will be one link and one attachment (might also shown like a link) in it. The link refers to an instruction webpage: http://windows.microsoft.com/RemoteAssistance/RA.asp. The attachment is an access to remote assistance. It should have an extension exactly as MsRcIncident (in which MsRc stands for Microsoft Remote Control). Click the attachment directly or save-and-execute it. In other case, the extension might be MsRcIncidentX, where X is an integer. The attachment will be not executable unless you change the extension manually.

When you run the attachment, it will send a connect request to the user. Use pharmacy as password. After the user accepts the request, you will see the remote desktop on right of the screen, while, message board on the left. At this moment, you cannot have full control of the other desktop. You can see what happens on the other end and using message board or phone to give instruction. Or click “share control” button on the top left to get shared control access to the remote system.

Close Remote Assistance window when finished.