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The following software is available for use at UIC (either on University-Owned computers or by UIC Faculty, Staff, or students) for free or at greatly reduced cost. Please view the links below for more details and eligibility requirements:

There are also many other software options available from the UI WebStore (some free, some at educational prices, etc), for use on University-Owned and Personally-Owned computers:

The Micro/Station is the best place to get all your technological needs from computers to software, mp3 players and an array of accessories to help you on your educational journey.Please Visit the Micro/Station to see what exactly you are eligible for. Also, Recommendations by your college are now available.

Please visit Dell Lounge to check all student discounts on dell Laptops and desktops.

The following software is also licensed for download & use by department members. Please view the links below for more details: