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FR:       Dave Vincent
          Pharmacy Computer Center

RE:       UICalendar / Corporate Time

The University has purchased multi-user electronic calendar program, called Corporate Time (the university calls this system “UICalendar”).  This is available for you to use at NO-CHARGE. I’ve used it and it’s excellent.   Not only can you maintain your personal electronic calendar on your computer, and sync it with your palm pilot, but you are able to access it on the web. In addition, you can send meeting requests to your co-workers.  And, if a co-worker allows, you’d have the ability to view or add to their schedule.

Just as e-mail has helped increase the efficiency of communication, Corporate Time can increase the efficiency of scheduling meetings and reserving rooms and equipment.  Its being used right now to schedule various classrooms, and conference rooms.  The use of this software program can help with your personal, workgroup, and ultimately college productivity, if you begin to use it.  Students will have access to it in the fall.

Read more about UICalendar:


Getting Starting with UICalendar / Corporate Time

First you need to create a UICalendar account.  During this process you will be required to change your password to meet the university requirements of a password that is exactly 8 characters with a number and capital letter in it.  This password will affect all of your accounts (tigger,mailserv, Nessie, but not ADSM).

Web Version of UICalendar or dedicated client?

If you have very simple calendar needs you might just use the web version.  It’s easy to use, like Webmail, and you can access your calendar through any web browser:

The dedicated client “Corporate Time” for speed and features

If you’ll be inviting people to meetings or you want to allow workers to view your calendar, you should use the dedicated client.  It’s faster than the Web version.  This software will need to be installed on your computer:

Learning to use Corporate Time

We’ve created a getting started guide for the Corporate Time client to help the people who have begun to use it for scheduling classrooms, conference rooms and accessing the calendar’s of other users:


Accc Training guide on web client


Accc Training guide on dedicated client

Want a Demo of UiCalendar Corporate Time?

If you’d like a demo of Web Client or Dedicated Client, please call me at 5-4461 or e-mail pharmhelp@uic.edu.  We’ve demonstrated this at staff meetings and using a data projector and its been helpful to show HOW this can be used in your department and to meet your needs.  Call to schedule an appointment.
Workshop on UICalendar

Accc is offering hand-on workstop as well as a Webcast.  Look for “Introduction to UICalendar” to learn more about it


If you have any questions, please e-mail pharmhelp@uic.edu or call 6-8736.