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Advising Programs

Peer Advising Program
The Peer Advising Program is a program designed to help first year students adjust to their new academic environment. Peer Advisors are second or third year students who want to assist new students. Peer Advisors can offer advice and assistance from a student’s perspective because not so long ago (one to two years) they had to deal with the same first year issues. How often students meet, talk or e-mail each other is up to them.  Some students just like knowing that there's another student they can contact if they need to.

Faculty Advising Program
Faculty advising within the College of Pharmacy differs from traditional advising in that course selection is not a major aspect of the advising process. Because of the lock-step curriculum, students have a choice only regarding which elective courses and clerkships they may take throughout their time here.

A better way to look at the role of advising is that it is one of the first opportunities for students to develop a professional relationship with a member of the faculty. It is part of the education that takes place outside the classroom and its benefits can last a lifetime.