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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I fail a course?
Because of the lock-step nature of the curriculum, failing a course disrupts your academic progression.  In almost all cases, you will be behind a year.  You will need to make an appointment in the Office of Student Affairs to discuss your revised schedule.

I don’t understand the down hours concept?
Down hours are linked with probation and being dropped from the program.  If a student isn’t on probation, then he/she doesn’t have to worry about down hours.  The down hours concept will be covered extensively during an advising session in October of your first year.  If you can’t wait, please see Dr. Agard in OSA.

I’ve been summoned to jury duty, can I be excused from classes?
No.  Jury duty should not be served while in the program.  The Associate Dean of Student Affairs will petition the court for a waiver. (Unfortunately there is no guarantee that a waiver will be granted).  You need to bring the jury summons to OSA upon receiving it.

How can I get into a closed course?
Only the course coordinator can authorize an override into a closed course.  The course coordinator must send his/her authorization via e-mail to Dr. Agard .

I’m sick and can’t make it to class.  What do I do?
Refer to the syllabus of each course you are taking and contact the course coordinators accordingly.  If you don’t have that information, call OSA (312) 996-7242 and we can send an e-mail to your course coordinators documenting that you contacted our office regarding your absence. You still need to contact the course coordinators as soon as you can to discuss the absence. OSA does not authorize excused absences.  The course coordinator will determine whether or not to excuse your absence.

Where do I go to get student status verification for my insurance form?
If verification requires the University seal and/or registrar’s signature the form must be completed by the Records Office in the Student Services Building (SSB) ($4.00 fee for seal).  OSA can verify student status/gpa if the forms do not require the University seal.

My name/address/telephone number changed, where do I update it?
Update your personal information online using the Web for Students or by going in person to the Records Office in SSB.