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Religious Holidays Observance Policy

In accordance to state laws, the faculty of the University of Illinois at Chicago shall make every effort to avoid scheduling examinations or requiring student projects be turned in or completed on religious holidays.
Students who wish to observe their religious holidays must notify the faculty member by the tenth day of the term that they will be absent unless their religious holiday is observed on or before the tenth day.  In such cases, the student shall notify the faculty member at least five days in advance of the date when he or she will be absent.  The faculty member shall honor the request and not penalize the student for missing class.  If an examination or project is due during the absence, the student shall be given an assignment equivalent to the one completed by those students in attendance.

Below is a link to a website listing religious holidays that can be used as a reference guide for faculty and students for the coming academic year. The calendar is meant only as a guideline and because of the diverse manners in which religious holidays are observed, not every holiday constitutes an excused absence. Nonetheless, a student's claim of a religious conflict should be accepted at face value.

Interfaith Calendar