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Peer Advising Program

The Peer Advising Program is a program designed to help first-year students adjust to their new academic environment. Peer Advisors (PA) are second or third-year students who want to assist new students. PAs can offer advice and assistance from a student’s perspective because not so long ago (one to two years) they had to deal with the same first-year issues. How often students meet, talk or email each other is up to them. Some students just like knowing that there's another student they can contact if they need to.

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The College of Pharmacy has a responsibility to mentor, to advise, and to nurture the students. The goal is to provide a rich environment in which students become active participants in their own personal development, acquire study skills, develop performance-based abilities/skills, pursue career exploration, and develop leadership behaviors. It can be assumed that progression through the curriculum provides students with developmental opportunities in the classroom and through experiential education. There will be, however, gaps that will need to be addressed through the mentoring/advising process.

Mentoring, advising, and nurturing students is a continual process as they matriculate through the doctor of pharmacy program. This process includes various individuals within the college of pharmacy faculty and administration as well as outside the college. An important objective is to create a long and lasting relationship between the student and the college that will extend beyond graduation. An important feature of this process is for each student to create a dynamic and evolving strategy, e.g., plan of study, career planning, toward accomplishing development objectives while in the program and beyond. The college stands ready to assist its students and alumni as they evaluate and re-evaluate their career goals and achievements while providing support to achieve their goals.

The mentoring/advising program for doctor of pharmacy students is based on professionalism and socialization into the profession of pharmacy. The Office of the Professional Development, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs in conjunction with key, fellow College of Pharmacy individuals and administrators provide a cohesive approach to achieve this goal. The objectives of the program are as follows:

  • convene focus groups of enrolled students by class to identify student mentoring/advising needs
  • develop a needs assessment survey for doctor of pharmacy students
  • solicit from faculty/alumni/friends of the college interest in becoming a student mentor/advisor
  • conduct a mentor workshop outlining the role and responsibilities of being a mentor
  • develop a process to match a student with a mentor
  • create various strategies to complement the mentor/mentee relationship.

Strategies to complement the mentor-mentee relationship include, but are not limited to the following:

  • provide programming/opportunities for students anchored toward their current academic year in the college of pharmacy.
  • provide programming/opportunities for students to explore career possibilities and featuring faculty/alumni/friends of the college.
  • planning with all student organizations to feature guest speakers and plan activities to enhance student development of performance-based skills, e.g., critical thinking, problem solving, oral/written communication skills, and short and long-term career planning.

The program is evaluated to assess its quality of experience gained through one-on-one mentoring and the various aforementioned activities. Relationship development, mentee learning, mentor growth, and satisfaction with the program, among other attributes, are appraised. A component of this assessment involves the convening of focus groups of randomly selected students and mentors.