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Prepharmacy Club
The Prepharmacy Club is a pre-health professional student organization started by the University of Illinois at Chicago: College of Pharmacy. The club is geared towards prepharmacy majors at UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The club officers consist of a president, a president-elect, a secretary, treasurer public relations officers and a webmaster. The Prepharmacy Club is attracting among its membership not just prepharmacy students, but students with a broad array of majors e.g. chemistry (general or organic), biological sciences majors or other health related pre-professional students exploring different career options. In a sense, the Prepharmacy Club serves in recruitment activities.

General Policies for Student Organizations in the College:

Student organizations must reregister each year with the Campus Programs Office (50 Student Center West).  Student organizations must work closely with the Office of Student Affairs.

Any requests for new organizations, need to be approved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  Student organizations can be registered and approved by campus without going through the College.  HOWEVER, to be recognized and allowed to function within the College, a group must seek approval by the College.  A group approved by the College can then seek membership in Pharmacy Student Council (PSC) and become eligible for College funding through the PSC appropriations.