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Frequently Asked Questions about the UIC College of Pharmacy Supplemental Application

Supplemental Application Status:

Q:  When I submit my supplemental application, how will I be able to tell that it has been received?  Do I have anything missing.

A:  When a supplemental application is received, it is dated and entered into our system.  Every couple of days we upload the supplemental information to PharmCAS.  Therefore you should be able to see the status of your supplemental application on PharmCAS.  Check and double check you materials when you submit them.  The supplemental must include the Pre-Pharmacy Coursework Academic Record form, the Personal Datasheet, and the on-line UIC Supplemental Application.

Personal Datasheet:

Q:  I already entered all of my extra-curricular activities and other information on PharmCAS.  Why do I need to fill out the PharmD Supplemental Application form?

A:  While it may seem like duplication of effort, there are some pieces of information that we cannot get from the PharmCAS application and need applicants to tell us more about.  Things such as community service, volunteer work, pharmacy/healthcare experiences, etc. are all taken into account in the admissions review process and we want to make sure you are given the appropriate recognition for these in the process.

Filling out the Pre-Pharmacy Coursework Academic Record Form:

Q:  I don't think the form is handling my credits correctly or doing the GPA calculation correctly.  I just want to print the form and fill it in by hand with my own calculations.  Is it OK to do so?

A:  NO.  You must complete the form as is and let it do the calculations.  The form has been carefully designed to take into account AP and testouts.  If filled in correctly, it will handles credits and calculations accurately.

Summer 2015 Courses:

Q:  I'm planning to take one pre-pharmacy required course during the Summer 2015 term.  Should I mark this course as "In Progress"?

A:  All pre-pharmacy required courses MUST be completed by the end of Spring 2015 semester.  Summer 2015 courses will NOT be allowed.

Handling grades/credits from schools not on the semester system:

Q:  I took pre-pharmacy courses on the quarter system or a unit system.  How do I include those credits on the PharmD Prerequisite Coursework form?

A:  You must convert any non-semester credits into semester credits.  You can not mix and match quarter hours with semester hours on the form.

Repeated Courses:

Q:  I took a pre-pharmacy required course and got a C- (or below).  How is this handled on the PharmD Prerequisite Coursework form?

A:  The minimum requirement required prerequisite courses is a C or higher.  Note that a C- IS NOT a C.  Prerequisite courses for which you received a C- or below must be repeated.  Only courses C or higher grades will count toward the credit total in a particular area requirement. The course(s) where the required grade was not met are part of your transcript and will be used to calculate your cumulative and science/math GPAs.  C- or lower attempts at prerequisite coursework do NOT need to be listed on the PharmD Prerequisite Coursework form.  If requirement area courses have been repeated, only best grades should be listed.  These grades are the ones that will be used to calculate the prerequisite coursework GPA (prepharmacy GPA).

Q:  I took a pre-pharmacy required course and got a passing grade (C or better), but went ahead and repeated it to boost my GPA.  Should I list the repeat the same way as above?

A:  You may list the higher grade received on a repeated course.  The lower course grade will not be used to calculate your prerequisite GPA but will be used to calculate your cumulative and science/math GPAs (if it's a science or math course). 

Listing Courses in Area Requirements:

Q:  I have lots of courses that could be used in the various area requirements.  Should I list all of my courses that fit an area requirement even though the minimum credits will be exceeded in that area?

A:  No, please list only the course(s) necessary to meet the minimum credit requirement.  For instance, if you took two economics classes only one should be listed in that area requirement as long as it was 3 credits.  There are some exceptions to this.  Science sequences might be an exception.  Some schools only teach human anatomy in a two-semester sequence.  If that's the case, then the entire sequence must be completed to meet the requirement even though it may exceed the minimum credit requirement.  Oftentimes you do end up exceeding the minimum number of credits in an area requirement due to the way a particular institution teaches its courses.  Most schools teach general biology, general chemistry, general physics, and organic chemistry with sequences of two 4 credit courses for a total of 8 credits.  However, if such science sequences at your school happen to be made of up say two 5 credit, then it's OK to list them even though you are exceeding the 8-credit minimum.


Q:  What should I list in the elective category?

A:  The elective category is to be used ONLY if the total credits prior to this category are less than 60 credits.  You will notice this total on the form just before the elective section.

Submitting the supplemental application packet:

Q:  When can I turn in my UIC College of Pharmacy Supplemental Application packet?

A:  It is suggested that you turn in your supplemental materials within two weeks of being invited to complete them.  We recommend you hand deliver or use a delivery service that has tracking.  Note that complete applications are reviewed on an on-going basis.  So, the sooner your application is complete, the sooner it gets reviewed.

Q:  I already turned in my supplemental application packet, but found that I made mistakes or was told I did it incorrectly.  Can I resubmit it?

A:  Yes, you may resubmit a supplemental application packet.  If you are resubmitting, please indicate on the top of your packet that it is a corrected copy.