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Applying to the PharmD (Section A) and the Joint PharmD/PhD (Section B) Programs

The UIC College of Pharmacy uses a rolling admissions process for the PharmD Program and admits students for fall semester only.  Complete applications (minimum requirements met, verified PharmCAS application completed, UIC College of Pharmacy Supplemental Application materials completed, PCAT scores in place on PharmCAS, letters of recommendation in place on PharmCAS) are reviewed as they are received.

Applications are administered through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS).  The UIC College of Pharmacy sets February 5 as the PharmCAS deadline.  However, rolling admissions means that applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the admissions cycle, so it's best to apply as early as possible for best consideration.

Questions regarding the application or the process may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs, email - pharmosa@uic.edu or by calling (312) 996-7242.

Section A.  Applying to the PharmD Program

Transfer applicants click on this link.  Please contact the Office of Student Affairs for more information, 312-996-7242 or pharmosa@uic.edu.

International Applicants and those with foreign coursework, please see the information at the bottom of this page.  Also see the information page for International Applicants.

To be considered for admission to the PharmD Program, applicants must:

Pre-Pharmacy Prerequisite Coursework

Complete all pre-pharmacy coursework with a C grade or better by the end of the spring semester of the admission year. C- (C minus) grades must be repeated.  Courses must be taken on a graded basis.

AP and test-out credits will be accepted as long as they are transcript recognized by the college or university attended.

Prospective students may submit application materials prior to completing all pre-pharmacy prerequisite courses as long as they can demonstrate on their supplemental application materials (Pre-Pharmacy Coursework Form) that all courses will be complete by the end of Spring 2015 semester.

GPA Requirements

          Have GPAs that meet or exceed the 2.75 (A=4.0) minimum requirement at the time the PharmCAS application is e-submitted and maintained thereafter.

We consider three GPAs when reviewing application - a) cumulative (all courses taken at all institutions at all levels), pre-pharmacy (only pre-pharmacy prerequisite courses), and science/math (all science and all math courses).

Repeated Classes:

  1. If classes are repeated, grades from all attempts will be calculated into the science/math and cumulative grade-point averages.
  2. If pre-pharmacy prerequisite courses are repeated, only grades from the best attempts will be used to calculate the pre-pharmacy grade-point average.

Prospective students not meeting the GPA minimum requirements at the time of application will be notified of such and will be reconsidered after fall grades have been entered into PharmCAS.  If GPA requirements are met at that time, their applications will move forward in the review process.


Take the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test). Only PCAT scores from the last year can be used.  Older exam scores will not be accepted. Scores must be submitted directly to PharmCAS (Code 104), not to UIC.  It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure PCAT scores are showing on PharmCAS.  If you've requested to have your scores sent to PharmCAS and you don't see them 3 to 4 weeks after you have been notified of your results, please check with PharmCAS and/or PCAT.

For best consideration, the PCAT should be taken prior to e-submitting the PharmCAS application.  If taking the January 2015 PCAT, please realize that applications are reviewed on an on-going basis (starting in September) and are not reviewed until all application and supplemental materials (including PCAT scores) are received.

The PCAT may be taken multiple times.  We will use the best overall set of scores avaible at the time an application is considered to be complete.  Scores are not averaged and they are not "mixed and matched" between attempts.

TOEFL (if applicable)

Score 550 (paper-based) / 213 (computer-based) / 80 (internet-based) or better on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) if most of the applicants' college education was completed in a non-English speaking country.*  TOEFL results must be submitted to directly to PharmCAS (Code 8246). Please note that TOEFL scores over two years old are invalid.

TOEFL is required for applicants whose native language is not English.
Applicants may qualify for a waiver if you can provide the following:

  • Evidence that you have been attending a U.S. institution for at least 2 years of full-time study.
  • A letter from a U.S. employer stating that you are proficient in the use of English and that you have been employed at the establishment for at least 1 year.
  • Education or employment for the duration of time listed above in a country where English is the only, official language, i.e. UK, Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec).

    Special note:
    Applicants from countries where the official language of the country is not English, but who attended a university where English was the language of instruction, are not exempt from submitting TOEFL scores.

PharmCAS Application

Complete a PharmCAS online application (www.PharmCAS.org)*.  Keep the PharmCAS record up to date at all times. Information about all schools attended must be provided to PharmCAS.  Those applicants with foreign coursework must submit ECE or WES reports to PharmCAS and directly to the UIC College of Pharmacy.  All applicants with foreign coursework must have their transcript evaluation reports reviewed by the UIC College of Pharmacy Admissions Counselor.  Questions about this should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs, pharmosa@uic.edu or 312-996-7242.

Two letters of recommendation must be submitted through PharmCAS.

  •  One letter must be from a professor, a TA, or an Academic Adviser.
  •  One letter must be from a work or volunteer supervisor.

*Note:  The PharmCAS Application and Transcript deadline listed on the UIC College of Pharmacy PharmCAS school page is February 5, 2015.  HOWEVER, the UIC College of Pharmacy reviews all complete applications (all required information received) on an on-going/rolling basis beginning in September.  For best consideration apply early.  Review of complete applications begins in September and continues throughout the admissions cycle.

UIC College of Pharmacy Supplemental Application Materials (if invited to complete)

Unlike previous, our Supplemental Application Materials will not be made available to all applicants.  Only those applicants meeting our minimum GPA requirements will be invited to submit the materials.  If invited, submit the PharmD Program Supplemental Materials directly to the UIC College of Pharmacy at the address below*. The supplemental materials consist of the following pieces.

  • PharmD Prerequisite Coursework Form
  • PharmD Supplemental Application Form
  • UIC On-Line Application
  • additional information required of international applicants (see Special Note for International Applicants below)

UIC College of Pharmacy
Office of Student Affairs (MC 874)
833 S Wood St, Rm 154
Chicago, IL  60612

*Note:  It's recommended that the Supplemental Application be completed within two weeks after the supplemental invitation is sent to an applicant since the UIC College of Pharmacy reviews all complete applications (all required information received) on an on-going/rolling basis beginning in September.  For best consideration apply early.  Review of complete applications begins in September and continues throughout the admissions cycle.

On-Site Interview (if invited)

If selected, participate in on-going, on-site admission interviews.

Special Note for International Applicants:

While applications are reviewed on an on-going basis, because of UIC specific deadlines for foreign applicants, all international/foreign applicants need to submit the following materials no later than December 31, 2014 in order to apply to the PharmD program at UIC.

  • Completed PharmCAS Application
  • Completed UIC College of Pharmacy Supplemental Application
  • Attested/university issued transcripts or marksheets for all undergraduate and post-baccalaureate work in the original language
  • Proof of all degrees awarded. Attested degree certificates or diplomas should be submitted.
  • Certified English translations of all credentials
  • TOEFL or IELTS score
  • If coursework is in progress at the time of application, final transcripts with grades recorded and proof of any degrees awarded will be required by the end of the spring term prior to matriculation. English translations will also be required.

    Evidence of financial support.  Applicants must submit the following: 

For more detailed information regarding evidence of financial support, please visit www.ois.uic.edu.

Section B.  Applying to the PharmD / PhD Joint Degree Program 

To be considered for admission to the Joint PharmD/PhD Program, in addition to the things mentioned above, applicants must complete the additional PharmD/PhD Form as part of the supplemental application (http://go.uic.edu/PSTPApp).  Please follow the instructions listed on the second page of the PDF form. We encourage applicants for the joint program to communicate with the appropriate Director of Graduate Education, Dr. Richard Gemeinhart, Room 357, COPDGE@uic.edu, earlier than the January 15 deadline if possible.


NOTE: Any member of the public who alleges age (under the Age Discrimination Employment Act) or disability (under Title II of the American with Disabilities Act) discrimination on the basis of class may refer to the Public Formal Grievance Procedures. The Public Formal Grievance Procedures addresses complaints of discrimination on the basis of age and/or disability in any activity, policy, rule, standard, or method of administration that is related to the operation of a University program.

For further help or information, please contact

Caryn Bills, Deputy Associate Chancellor
The Office for Access and Equity (MC 602)
809 South Marshfield , Room 717
Chicago , IL 60612