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The University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is a comprehensive public university located in the heart of one of the nation's largest metropolitan areas. It is one of three campuses of the state's land-grant university, the University of Illinois. Its mission comprises teaching, research, and public service, each shaped by and relevant to its metropolitan setting as well as the University of Illinois' traditional pursuit of excellence. UIC serves not only the citizens of Illinois but also students from throughout the nation and the world who are attracted by the University's programs and its Chicago location.

UIC takes advantage of the extraordinary ethnic and cultural diversity of the Chicago metropolitan area, which encompasses two-thirds of the population of Illinois and from which it draws many of its students. UIC offers an education that will prepare graduates to render skilled professional service and to assume positions of leadership in their profession.

In research and scholarship, the mission of UIC is to seek new knowledge and understanding at the frontiers of learning. Both fundamental and applied studies are pursued, often in partnership with the region's business, cultural, and service (including those involved in health care) institutions. The academic community thus serves as the focal point for investigation of the challenges and problems facing the region, the state, and society at large, both today and in the future.

UIC's public service activities include the provision of direct services which span the full range of the campus's programs and disciplines. The clinical services provided by UIC's hospital and clinics, and the active participation of faculty in a multitude of projects through UIC's many and diverse research centers, help advance the efficiency and quality of life in the region. Members of the faculty and staff also serve on boards, commissions, and advisory committees in communities throughout the metropolitan region, the nation, and the world.

The 25,000 students who study at the University of Illinois at Chicago come from the city of Chicago and its suburbs, small towns, rural Illinois as well as all other states, two United States territories, and more than 80 foreign countries. The student body is rich in its diversity, its youth and maturity, and its cultural heritage.

Minority enrollments comprise more than 40 percent of the total enrollment. Many full-time students also hold part-time jobs, both on and off campus. In addition, a large number find time to participate in one or more of approximately 230 campus student organizations. Although primarily a commuter campus, UIC has housing facilities on both the east and west sides of campus that accommodate approximately 2,500 students.