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In order to fully participate in this webcast, you will need to meet the minimum technical requirements listed below.

200 MHz processor or better (all modern computers have this).
32 MB or more of RAM (all modern computers have this).
56 kbps modem with a stable internet connection.
16-bit sound card and speakers (most modern computers have these).
Video card capable of displaying thousands of colors or higher (most modern computers have this).
Free RealPlayer 8 or RealOne Player for audio and video playback.
Test here
[ Download here -- look for the links to "Free RealOne Player" ]
For text captioning, java must be enabled. Choose "Accept" or "Yes" when prompted. Test here

AlertIf you are experiencing problems playing the video clip and hearing the audio, or if you can't view the captioning window, please visit our Troubleshooting page.


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