What does the Illinois ERC do?

The Illinois ERC provides graduate training in industrial hygiene, occupational safety, hazardous substances, occupational epidemiology, residency training in occupational medicine, and undergraduate and graduate education in agricultural health and safety. We also provide continuing education and outreach programs to professionals and the community.

What is the mission of an ERC?

The Illinois ERC exists to improve, promote, and maintain the health of workers and communities by applying innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to:

• prepare professionals to be leaders in occupational and environmental safety and health who will direct and manage occupational and environmental safety and health programs, teach other occupational and environmental health professionals, and research issues pertinent to occupational and environmental safety and health;

• provide continuing education to occupational and environmental health and safety professionals and outreach to workers and communities to improve their knowledge, skills, and awareness of key issues in occupational and environmental safety and health, devoting special attention to the problems and needs of at risk and underserved workers and communities;

• contribute to the knowledge base in occupational and environmental safety and health by preparing doctoral students, performing faculty and student research on problems of regional, national, and global significance, and disseminating the results of their research; and

• serve as a regional OS&H information resource.

How many programs are included in the Illinois ERC and when was it established?

The Illinois ERC has been funded since 1977 and is comprised of 13 programs. It is a multi-campus, multi-college Center that is administratively housed in the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Division in the School of Public Health at UIC. Currently the ERC has seven academic programs, three continuing education programs, two research training programs, and a center administration program.

How do I apply?

For the Industrial Hygiene, Hazardous Substances, Occupational Safety and Occupational Epidemiology programs, the application process is completed through the School of Public Health. Application information can be found at the School of Public Health Admissions website.

For the Occupational Medicine program application process, please visit the Residency website.

For the Occupational Health Nursing program application process, please visit the College of Nursing website.

For the Agricultural Safety and Health program application process, please visit the University of Illinois College of ACES and Engineering website.

What are the ERC's strengths?

The Center’s sound past performance in training occupational safety and health professionals; the quality and continuity of leadership; the synergy generated in the Center by the leadership and the multidisciplinary nature of many of the training activities; the overall coordination and integration of activities within the ERC; the depth and extent of interdisciplinary training and research training for all trainees and professionals; the depth and diversity of outreach to the Chicago regional area; a strong, model Pilot Project Research Training Program; and focused efforts to train minority students.