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Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum

This Youth Violence Prevention curriculum was developed by a multi-disciplinary team from John H. Stroger Hospital Trauma and Emergency departments in order to train health care providers in responding to youth violence issues. Read more here.

Partnering with Retailers and Communities on a Primary Prevention Campaign to Promote Lead Safe Work Practices

This project was established as a response to the Illinois Lead Poisoning Prevention Act of 2006, which requires hardware stores to post signs or give out information on lead safe work practices. The Outreach program, in partnership with Lead Safe Illinois, created this workbook as a guide for local health departments to help them disseminate information to retailers.

Homecare: Outreach, Community and Home Health Care Workers

The Homecare Advisor is designed as a workbook to help improve an organization's health and safety program. The materials were developed in cooperation with home care employers, employees, and government agency representatives. Suggested uses for the Advisor include: 1) Completing the Employer's Health & Safety Advisor to identify the strengths and areas for improvement in an existing program; 2) Reviewing materials included in the Advisor and selecting tools that would be useful in enhancing a health and safety program; 3) Using exercises and tools as a self-study guide for developing a plan to identify potential hazards and control strategies; 4) Using the exercises to train employees on specific health and safety topics; and 5) Contacting organizations on the resource list to provide support and assistance in the development and implementation of a health and safety program.

Introduction to Environmental Statistics
This series of online lectures was developed for the USEPA by Dr. Peter Scheff, Salvatore Cali and Justin Ford, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Division. No registration is required to access the archived lectures. The EOHS Division at UIC's School of Public Health also offers classroom-based academic and short courses focused on air quality and air pollution topics. Information about UIC's courses can be found at the Air Pollution Training Institute page. Further information about the EPA's Air Pollution Training Institute (APTI) is available here.
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Module 1: Interpreting Your Monitoring Data
Module 2: Sampling and Analytical Limitations & Sample Detection Limits
Module 3: Quality Assurance Quality Control

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