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Global Certificate Program in Occupational Hygiene Practice


Program News!

UIC is recognized as an “approved training provider” by the Occupational Hygiene Training Association! Participants will have the chance to complete the training modules of the Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA). For more information click here.


The Global Certificate Program in Occupational Hygiene Practice is specifically designed for engineers and technicians who work in occupational safety, health and hygiene (OSHH) without formal training. Participants can be engineers, managers, safety personnel and technicians who provide preventive services in companies, insurance companies or governments around the world and who want to get a more substantial training in industrial hygiene

The program teaches competencies focusing on practical, immediately usable skills for technical risk reduction and prevention. It also benefits other professionals in occupational health and safety offices, hazard communication providers, occupational health clinics, unions, insurances or governmental agencies.

The program specifically aims at improving competencies on an introductory to medium level. It specifically addresses company-level managerial competencies so that hygiene & safety professionals will effectively contribute to the protection of employees and the goals of companies by reducing hazardous exposure, preventing occupational diseases and increasing good health and human capacity.

This program is offered by the School of Public Health of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Its Great Lakes Centers for Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health is a Collaborating Center in Occupational Health of the World Health Organization (WHO). For more information on the WHO Network and the Global Plan of Action, please visit

Why should I enroll?

  • The program is completely online and asynchronous.
  • It uses a professional, academic web-based content
  • management & teaching platform.
  • The program provides professional training using international guidelines
    and peer-reviewed standards
  • The program specifically aims at improving practical competencies
    on an introductory to medium level for leading effective occupational
    health programs
  • Course modules provide reading assignments, point to resources
    on the internet, and give practical assignments to strengthen
    competencies and skills. The instructor feedback, group discussions
    in the course website and optional live chats provides a creative environment for
    interactive and challenging learning.
  • Participants have access to thousands of professional journals
    via the online university library
  • Participants can return their completed assignments and
    communicate with faculty in English and Spanish. However,
    participants need to be proficient in English as all teaching and
    course communication are in English.
  • The faculty has long-standing experience in occupational
    health and in teaching. All faculty members have worked abroad,
    often in developing countries. They currently work as industrial
    hygienists, company doctors, consultants and auditors for
    occupational health programs in a variety of industries

Goals and Objectives

The program teaches competencies focusing on practical, immediately usable skills for prevention on a foundation to intermediate level. The recognition and prevention of occupational risks, risk reduction and risk control is the strong focus of this program. It specifically teaches occupational hygiene and engineering solutions to risk reduction and risk reduction.

It specifically addresses company-level competencies so that OSHH professionals will effectively contribute to engineering solutions to protect employees and support the goals of companies.

Participants will be able to carry out occupational hygiene survey work, apply tools for risk assessment, develop preventive and corrective action plans, investigate accidents, evaluate tasks to develop multidisciplinary solutions, and participate in management processes such as certifications or emergency preparedness planning.

This program provides training to professionals in remote areas or countries who do not have easy access to advanced training. It therefore contributes to the goals of the World Health Organization in its "Occupational Health - Global Plan of Action" to build capacity in prevention worldwide.


Participants will receive a "Certificate of Successful Completion" for each continuing-education course. After completion of all three courses, participants will receive the "Global Certificate in Occupational Hygiene Practice" from the School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA for their continuous education.

Participants also receive the International Occupational Hygiene Certificate, Intermediate Level” of OHTA after they successfully finish our program and have met some additional requirements. See Technical Program Details for our latest update and more details.

What certificate will I get? Will I earn academic credit?

Learn more about certificates, CME's and academic credit in the "International Program Occupational Health Practice" here. Learn more about certificates, OHTA recognition, CE's and academic credit in the "International Program Occupational Hygiene Practice" here.

How much time does it take?

The program consists of three consecutive courses that build on each other. However, the courses may be taken separately. The total amount of teaching and learning time for the entire program is approximately 340 hours. This is equivalent to a residential, three month course.

For samples of assignments and case studies, which we use in this program, please SEE SAMPLES.

When does it start?

Courses are ten and eight weeks (two courses) long and are offered annually starting in the beginning of September. For details go to Starting Dates.

You find more detailed information on enrolment process, scholarship opportunities, fees and discounts for individuals and institutions, companies, governments etc. and much more on the following pages! Please use the links on the right!

We would be happy to see you in the program!

Linda Forst, MD, MPH
Program Director