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What others say about us:

From Employers

"We have selected the International Programme in Occupational Health as our preferred programme of study for those members of our global occupational health professional community who require foundation training. The comprehensive curriculum and instructor-led, internet-based format is ideal for this purpose and the qualification conferred carries real credibility."

Dr David Roomes
Medical Director, Global Manufacturing & Supply
Health, Safety & Performance CoE
GlaxoSmithKline Services

"The International Program in Occupational Health Practice uses a virtual and interactive learning platform to deliver high quality specialist training to all parts of the globe, filling a much needed training gap. The students, whether from developed or emerging economies, have benefited from the course by enabling them to implement scientifically sound, ethical and effective occupational health programs in the workplaces they support."

Dr Mark Cunningham-Hill MB ChB (MD) FFOM
Director Global Occupational Health & Productivity
Global Health Services
Johnson & Johnson

"The International Program in Occupational Health Practice has contributed to the creation of a new way of thinking in our institution, making professionals more eager to learn and implement relevant occupational health practices in their daily work."

Mr. Oscar Zavala Icarte
Senior Manager, Department for the Prevention of Work-related Risks
Instituto de Seguridad Laboral - Public Agency for Occupational Health and Safety
Santiago de Chile, CHILE.

From Participants

“I thought I knew all the aspects of Occupational Health prior to enrolling in this Course. But I was wrong. I learned that my professional background as a Registered Nurse and my work experiences as an Industrial Nurse for 22 years was not enough. This Course made me a competent Occupational Health Practitioner and I now work with confidence.”

Jaime Goyena, RN, OHN
GlaxoSmithKline, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“El curso me parece EXCELENTE! He aprendido muchísimo, estoy muy contenta! He podido implementar muchos cambios y mejorías en el lugar de trabajo, ha ampliado mi conocimiento de Salud Ocupacional, Seguridad e Higiene desde una perspectiva más actual; además el programa inspira a leer, estudiar e investigar más.”

Dra. Marcela Ramírez Argüello, M.D.
GlaxoSmithKline, San Jose, Costa Rica

"The course instructions are very informative and the instructor is very supportive and understanding. I am pleased and satisfied with this course. It has enhanced my knowledge in Occupational health issues, introduced me to technical terminology and I find it very useful at [my] workplace and also for my future jobs that I intend to take up in Occupational Health Unit for UN employees."

Rama Jayavanth, M.D., International Organization for Migration, Cambodia

"The high quality of the course not only gives me the possibility to check and identify problems, but also to include solutions, alternatives and preventive aspects. The checklists are very practical and useful also to involve the workers we work with, in the car assembly industry, sugar cane industry, flower plantations, banana plantations, etc. I must say that the methodology of the course was well done and let me to access easily to the program and it benefits. And thank you for your wise advices. As an Industrial Production Engineer, the information contributes to my work and my experience in IFA. It also helps me to analyze the workplaces design with an Occupational Health basis."

Natalia Harari, Industrial Engineer, IFA - Corporación para el Desarrollo de la Producción y el Medio Ambiente Laboral, Quito, Ecuador

"Realmente este curso ha roto los paradigmas que aun existen en varios países en lo que respecta a la educación en línea (online). Creo que este programa tiene su peso académico espectacular dirigido al punto neural: al médico y/o al técnico quienes enfrentan día a día los más graves desafíos no solo profesionales sino también éticos. Por otra parte los profesores tienen experiencia profesional indudable y siempre prestos a resolver problemas siendo eficases y eficientes con sus objetivos; más aún han demostrado una calidad humana integrativa con los participantes la cual es no vista en otros programas. Todo este conjunto de ingredientes, el académico, el humano y la misma visión que tiene el programa hace que yo personalmente recomiende a mis colegas médicos y a técnicos que trabajan en esta dificil tarea de crear un mundo laboral amigable y ético para todos los trabajadores. ... The impact of this course is tremendous in my workplace."

Mario Rivera, M.D., supervisor HSE, Oil and gas company, Quito, Ecuador

"This course has really broken the prejudice that still exists in several countries regarding online education. I think this program has spectacular academic value! The faculty has professional experience beyond doubt and is always ready to solve problems with their effectiveness and efficiency; indeed they have shown a human quality that is not seen in other programs. ... All this together means that I personally recommend [this program] to my fellow doctors and technicians. The impact of this course is tremendous in my workplace." (Translated and summarized)

Mario Rivera, M.D., supervisor HSE Oil and Gas
Quito, Ecuador

“This course has improved my skills and appetite in research methodology, as well as increasing my managerial skills in reducing workplace stress, and improving productivity of workers. [It] has greatly increased my medical and managerial skills in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of work-related diseases. I wish I had done this course many years long ago, I would recommend this to all Physicians and health workers.”

Eunice Yang, M.D.
GlaxoSmithKline, Tianjin, China

"I teach occupational health and safety in graduate school. The course has helped me update my knowledge and materials for teaching. I can now conduct a class session with more confidence knowing that I share better information, have more engaging and useful activities, and can even point my students to reliable online resources. The course has helped me improve my professional practice by promoting the use of practical and objective tools for occupational health and safety. I have since incorporated the new things I've learned, and my clients appreciate the improvements. The attention has generated interest among my colleagues as well."

Gayline Manalang, physiotherapist, professor at University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines

"Gracias a este curso, hoy cuando tuve una paciente que llegó embarazada pude exponerle sus derechos, y obligaciones a nivel laboral como empleada, lo cual me ofreció herramientas sustanciales para ella como futura madre gestante trabajadora, y para mí como médico tratante."

Adriana Osorio, M.D., President of the Medical Association of Family Practice of Costa Rica,

[El curso] "me ha permitido incorporar muchas herramientas a mi trabajo y mayor convicción de que la capacitación continua es el soporte esencial para llegar a ser un experto."

Carlos Chavera Bianchi, M.D., Aseguradora de Riesgos del trabajo y servicio de medicina ocupacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"The course has really widened my scope especially in developing content for training of service providers [such as] clinicians on history taking as they consult patients in primary health care facilities. Our primary health care facilities have really benefited from this course."

Kelebogile G. Motlhanka, M.D., Ministry of Health, Department of Public Health, Gaborone , Botswana

"The course has brought us abreast with up to date protocols helping to improve the quality of OH at the workplace. The hands-on practical work in the form of checklists and assessments has sharpened our skills. Use of Internet in OH helped broaden my perspective and has helped me deal with questions and reservations that might come up when handling an Occupational Health case at work. This has also been a really great opportunity for me to properly train for and understand ergonomic assessments which were new to me. I have used this knowledge to better identify the ergonomic problems at my workplace. I have tried to alleviate some by creating better awareness and trainings. Others I am looking to improve in the long run with support from the management."

Syeda Tahira Naeem, M.D., Occupational Health Specialist, Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Limited, Karachi, Pakistan

"The need for critical assessment on past medical history and past employment has turned my assessment and diagnosis around. It is an indisputable fact that the course has reshaped and relocated me as a physical therapist. I now understand the impact of one's work and environment on health. My evaluation of client is better. Indeed the course is highly practical based. I will recommend it to all. The contribution of the course to knowledge base cannot be over emphasized. Faculty members respond to questions and needs of students promptly."

Samuel Olawuwo, physiotherapist, Our Lady of Apostles Hospital, Jos, Nigeria

"The previous two courses have changed my outlook and knowledge and helped me deal better with the difficulties of dealing with my patients in occupational health."

Manju Khandeparker, M.D., company doctor at Port of Goa, India

“The course instructions are very informative and the instructor is very supportive and understanding. I am pleased and satisfied with this course. It has enhanced my knowledge in Occupational health issues, introduced me to technical terminology and I find it very useful at [my] workplace and also for my future jobs that I intend to take up in Occupational Health Unit for UN employees.”

Rama Jayavanth, M.D.
International Organization for Migration, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“It is an excellent course which builds the knowledge base through reading material and skills through practice exercises and checklists. After completing phase 1 of the course, I feel more confident since it has equipped me with better.”

Inakshi Naik, Director Analytical Services, National Health Laboratory Services
National Institute for Occupational Health
Johannesburg, South Africa