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In this case, you will be playing the part of me, Mike Darnell, a public health professional with the Lake County Health Department. As you work your way through the case, you will be interacting with the people below. They helped me understand how to investigate a complaint from a citizen, Mrs. Paws, and use risk communication principles to explain the issues to the community.  When you click "Begin Working", you'll go to the start of the case with your mentor, an environmental health expert, Cheryl Anderson. She will begin by  introducing the principles of risk communication.
Hi, I'm Christine Paws.  I live in Northfield, Indiana and I guess I'm the one that started all the excitement around here. I just wanted to find out if my daughter's leukemia was caused by the pollution in our neighborhood.   Mike Darnell at the Health Department really helped, and so did all the others on this page.  After you meet them below, just click "Begin Working" to start.
Mrs. Paws

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Cheryl Anderson
Course Mentor

Dan Long
State Environmental Program Director

Dr. Nina Rose
Occupational Health Physician

Holly Hughes

When you get into the program, you will see each of the sections listed in the navigation outline window on the left side of the screen.  The major sections are: Risk Communication, Background Research, Information Gathering, Qualitative Risk Assessment, Community Meeting.

Ready?   Let's begin working.

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