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Global Environmental & Occupational Health


The Center for Global Environmental and Occupational Health conducts collaborative research on environmental and occupational health problems around the world. Our research programs emphasize active research collaboration between U.S. investigators and scientists in our partner countries.

World map indicating locations of Research Programs


Health in the Arts
Measuring toxic air pollutants in Chernivtsi

Family and Children of Ukraine
A prospective, geographically-based study of pregnant women and their offspring in five cities in Ukraine.

Occupational Lung Disease in Ukrainian Coal Miners
A historical, cohort morbidity study of respiratory diseases in Ukrainian coal miners in Donetsk.

Measuring PAH Exposure in Ukrainian Children
A study of a urinary marker for PAH exposure in three-year-old children in Mariupol and Kyiv Ukraine.

Lead Exposure in Ukrainian Children
An article assessing the data generated by our US Collaborative research study.


In-Utero Exposure to Chernobyl Radiation
Historical, cohort morbidity study of children with in-utero exposure to Chernobyl radiation who lived heavily contaminated regions of Belarus and Russia.

Breast Cancer in Belarus
Descriptive epidemiology of breast cancer incidence among women in Belarus residing in radiation-contaminated territories.


Ufa Dioxin Research Program
Occupational and environmental epidemiologic studies of workers and residents exposed to dioxins in the city of Ufa, Bashkorstostan, Russian Federation.


Mercury Exposure
Mercury exposure from gold mining operations among indigenous peoples in the Amazon basin.