Continuing Education Credits/Continuing Medical Education

Following the didactic material, course participants will take a post-test. Students who want CEU or CME will be required to take the post-test. For students who do not want CEU or CME, the post-test is optional, and may be used as a self-assessment of their mastery of the course material.

After the student has answered all of the questions, he or she will select click the submit button. The student will receive immediate online feedback with the question, the answer they selected, and the correct response. Students who want CEU/CME will need to print a copy of their post-test feedback and fax it to the GLC Registration Office at 312.413.7369. Students will receive their CEU/CME certificate by mail, following completion of the course, the post-test, and the evaluation.


All students, both those who want CEU/CME and those who do not want CEU/CME, will be asked to complete an online evaluation of the course. Those requesting CEU/CME will be required to complete and submit an evaluation form. The twenty question evaluation contains four demographic information questions and sixteen course-specific questions. Students will indicate their response by clicking the button adjacent to their response or by typing a response into a text field. When the evaluation is completed, the student will click a submit button, and the responses will be databased.

The information in the database will be used for course revisions and for developing other online courses.

Payment for Course for Those Requesting CEU/CME

Payment for the course will be managed via phone and fax. Students will phone or fax the Great Lakes Center with Credit card payment information. The Great Lakes Center will manage the fees collected for the course and provide a monthly transfer of funds to the College of Medicine Continuing Education account. Call 312.996.6904 for course payment.