Children's Environmental Health

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Children's Environmental Health

     While the Center works to address environmental health problems of all children in our region, we devote special attention to addressing the needs of the highest risk groups, including minority and economically disadvantaged children

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     The Center for Children's Environmental Health at Cook County Hospital exists to promote the environmental health of children in Region V (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin). The Center aims to achieve this mission by:

  • Providing clinical evaluation services for children with environmental illnesses or overexposures
  • Conducting health hazard evaluations of children's environmental health problems in communities throughout our region in conjunction with local, state, and federal public health and environmental agencies
  • Serving as an information resource for health care professionals and the general public on children's environmental health issues
  • Providing consultation to public health and environmental agencies on children's environmental health issues
  • Training pediatricians, environmental and occupational medicine physicians, medical toxicologists, and other health professionals in the principles of children's environmental health
  • Disseminating information on children's environmental health through Medical Grand Rounds, conferences, public education efforts, and the world wide web
  • Conducting research aimed at preventing children's environmental diseases
  • Promoting sound local, regional, and national policies that protect children's health and the environment and that promote environmental justice
  • Working with our partners, including ATSDR, USEPA, and AOEC to promote children's environmental health nationally and globally