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Children's Environmental Health:

:: American Academy of Pediatrics
:: Center for Health, Environment and Justice
:: Children's Environmental Health Network
:: Children's Health Environmental Coalition
:: Environmental Working Group
:: Healthy Schools Network
:: National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health & Safety
:: Pesticide Action Network of North America
:: Physicians for Social Responsibility
:: National Center for Environmental Health
:: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
:: Illinois Department of Public Health Children's Product Safety
:: World Health Organization
:: United Nations Children's Fund
:: Pan American Health Organization
:: International Joint Commission

Health in the Arts:

U.S. Government Agencies
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Centers for Disease Control
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Environmental Protection Agency WWW Server
Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA)
National Institutes for Health Home Page
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Home Page
OSHA Regulations

Other Organizations
:: International Arts-Medicine Association
:: The Performance Safety Home Page
:: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Home Page
:: Duke University Occupational and Environmental Medicine
:: LaserNet Home Page
:: National Fire Protection Association Home Page
:: University of Vermont Safety Information Resources on the Internet (SIRI)
:: World Health Organization WWW Home Page
British Association for Performing Arts Medicine Trust
:: International Arts Medicine Association
:: International Association for Dance Medicine and Science
:: Arts, Craft, and Theater Safety
:: GPHM: Organiz. for Prevention & Treatment of Musicians' Illness (German)
:: Canadian Network for Health in the Arts
:: Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Musik Physiologie and Musikermedizin
:: Hands On: Flutists' Journal
:: Hearnet: Hearing Education & Awareness for Rockers
:: Institute for Music Research: Bibliography of Music
:: Maryland Bibliography of Arts Medicine
:: Medicine des Arts - FranceMusica: The Music & Science Information Archive
:: Miscellaneous Resources for Dance
:: MMB Music, Inc.: The Musician's Survival Manual
:: Musicians and Injuries
:: Occupational Hazards of Piano Playing
:: Society of Singers: Health Care Aid for Singers
:: Institute for Music Physiology and Performing Arts Medicine
:: Performing Arts Medicine Association

Material Safety Data Sheets & Other Chemical Hazard Resources
:: ATSDR Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database
:: New Jersey Right-to-Know Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets
:: Vermont SIRI Material Safety Data Sheets
:: More Material Safety Data Sheet Links