Minor in International Studies

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Administration: Professor, Norma Claire Moruzzi



Minor in International Studies

The International Studies undergraduate minor provides students with the opportunity to pursue focused multidisciplinary study of international topics in a global context. The minor can be structured by the student, in consultation with the program administrator, to concentrate on one of three focal areas: (1) World Markets and Development; (2) Global Cultures and Societies; or (3) International Security and Governance. The minor consists of 21 semester hours of course work that must be international and comparative in overall content.

Requirements for the Minor

Students interested in pursuing the minor in International Studies should consult with the program administrator or a faculty advisor from members of the LAS International Studies Advisory Committee. Students may use courses to fulfill the requirements in both the major and the minor, but the semester hours may only be used in one or the other.*

Required Courses—International Studies Minor
One of the following courses:
INST 106—The World since 1400 (3)  
INST 114—Topics in World History (3)  
One of the following courses
INST 130—Introduction to Comparative Politics (3)  
INST 184—Introduction to International Relations (3)  
Four courses at the 200-, 300-, and 400-levels around one of the areas listed below:
World Markets and Development  
Global Cultures and Societies  
International Security and Governance  
INST 301—Seminar in International Studies
Total Hours—International Studies Minor

* Note: Courses from other departments and programs may be used to satisfy requirements of the minor. Please consult with the program administrator when selecting courses.