Nursing Elective (NUEL)

Subject Number Title Hours Catalog Description
NUEL 250 Human Development Across the Life Span 3 hours. Survey of biological, psychological and social influences on human development from conception to death. Emphasis is on current research and its application to societal issues. Course information: Designed for Prenursing students.
NUEL 310 Exploring Complementary/Alternative Practices 2 hours. Explores philosophical, historical, cultural and clinical aspects of complementary/alternative practices. Providing holistic nursing care by incorporating complementary/alternative practices will be emphasized.   Prerequisite(s):  NURS 217 and NURS 225; or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 312 Ethical-Legal Issues in Nursing 2 hours. Analysis of ethical-legal issues in nursing practice across the lifespan. Examines legal concerns and ethical decision making for nurses in diverse roles and practice settings.
NUEL 313 Nursing Perspectives on Health Policy and Politics 2 hours. Health policy issues are analyzed from political, socioeconomic, and ethical perspectives and their relation to policy process and health care delivery.
NUEL 315 Fluid and Electrolyte Alterations 2 hours. Exploration of fluid and electrolyte alterations across the lifespan. Comprehensive analysis of fluid and electrolyte balance regulatory processes and nursing care in clients with a variety of conditions.   Prerequisite(s): NURS 217 and NURS 225 ; or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 316 Nursing Informatics 2 TO 3 hours. Exploration of information system concepts in health care delivery and nursing practice. Emphasis on application of systems concepts in addressing health care delivery issues. Prerequisite(s): NURS 225 or equivalent; or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 317 Introduction to Critical Care Nursing 2 hours. An introduction to critical care nursing, focusing primarily on cardiac and respiratory conditions, hemodynamic monitoring, EKG interpretation, and mechanical ventilation. Observational clinical experience in intensive care settings.   Prerequisite(s):  NURS 335 or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 320 Death and Dying 2 hours. Focuses on biopsychosocial and spiritual issues that arise for the patient, significant others, and the nurse clinician during the process of dying and death itself.
NUEL 350 History of Nursing 2 hours. Trends in nursing education and practice in terms of historical  development of nursing. Focus on social, cultural, religious, political and education forces influencing the evolution of nursing.   Prerequisite(s):  NURS 202; or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 353 Nursing Dimensions of Human Sexuality 2 hours. Human sexuality across life cycle; exploration of physiological, psychological and socialcultural factors influencing sexuality; and health/illness behaviors. Prerequisite(s): NURS 225 or NURS 242; or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 393 Readings in Evidence-Based Practice 3 hours. Application of basic research concepts to the building of evidence-based practice in nursing. Emphasis will be on the critique of published research and utilization of research in clinical practice. Prerequisite(s): NURS 322; and senior standing or above; or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 394 Special Topics: Undergraduate 1 TO 4 hours. Discusses selected topics of current interest. Offered according to sufficient student demand and instructor availability. May be repeated. Students may register in more than one section per term. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor.
NUEL 399 Independent Study: Undergraduate 1 TO 4 hours. Individually arranged study of a topic selected by the student under the guidance of an individual instructor. May be repeated. Students may register in more than one section per term. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor.
NUEL 438 Infant Feeding: Historical, Societal, and Health Policy Issues 3 hours. Examines infant feeding practices from historical, contemporary, societal, and political dimensions. The importance of infant feeding in developing countries as well as legislation regarding infant feeding is also examined.   Prerequisite(s): Senior or graduate standing; or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 440 Wholistic Health: Use of Self 2 hours. Comprehensive mind, body and spiritual health care. Spiritual assessment of self, individuals and families. Self as a therapeutic agent/health provider for wholistic health care. Prerequisite(s): Senior or graduate standing; or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 441 Wholistic Health: Community Focus 2 hours. Community and congregational assessment. Health beliefs and practices of faith communities and their impact on health care services, communities, and systems to foster planned change. Prerequisite(s): Senior or graduate standing; or consent of the instructor.
NUEL 450 Women and Mental Health Nursing 3 hours. Theories of female psychology; women's daily lives and mental health; gender differences in mental illness; strategies for improving women's mental health. Same as GWS 450. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor. Students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must have credit in PSCH 100 and either PSCH 270 or PSCH 315 or GWS 315.
NUEL 456 Women's Health: A Primary Healthcare Approach 3 hours. Health promotion and disease prevention in women's health. Includes community experience with community women. Primary health care approaches examined. Same as CHSC 456. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor. 
NUEL 460 Individualized Internship 1 TO 5 hours. Intensive internship experience will consist of a practicum that will develop skills, competencies and knowledge in a focused health care delivery setting. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. May be repeated. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor.