Public Health (PUBH)

Subject Number Title Hours Catalog Description General Education Category
PUBH 100 Health and the Public 3 hours. Students will examine both historical and contemporary public health stories focusing on the United States to begin to understand the contexts, systems, professions, tools, and skills associated with the public health enterprise. Individual and Society, and US Society course.
PUBH 110 Public Health and Global Societies 3 hours. Introduces students to global public health through an exploration of health challenges from the local population to global society perspectives. Field trip required at a nominal fee. Individual and Society, and World Cultures course.
PUBH 120 Public Health and the Study of Disease and Epidemics 3 hours. Introduces basic principles surrounding the distribution of disease and epidemics in human populations. Through lectures and field exercises, students will learn fundamentals of epidemiology, the basic science of public health. There will be three field trips at no cost to the student. These field trips will require students to be available for three - three hour sessions outside of the regular class time. Natural World - No Lab course.