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Public Policy

Important Note: This is the archived version of the 2013–2015 Undergraduate Catalog. The information on these pages was archived on August 6, 2013 and will not be updated as requirement and/or program changes are approved. Please see for the most up-to-date requirements.

Minor in Public Policy

Department of Public Administration
160 CUPPAH Hall, 412 S. Peoria St.
(312) 996-3109
Interim Head and Associate Professor, Sharon Mastracci,

Minor in Public Policy (Effective Spring 2014)
The minor in Public Policy promotes the understanding of public problems and how governments attempt to address them.

The minor in Public Policy is open to undergraduate students from any unit or college at UIC. Note that students who are pursuing a BA in Urban Public Affairs (UPA) may not count courses on this list toward both the UPA degree and the Public Policy minor. Students must submit a request form to the Department of Public Administration (160 CUPPA Hall, 412 S. Peoria St.) to enroll. Students are encouraged to consult with their primary advisor in their home unit about the suitability of the Public Policy minor to their overall academic plan of study. Elective courses may have prerequisites that do not count toward the minor.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00/4.00 is required for admission to the minor. A GPA of 2.50/4.00 is required in the courses taken towards the minor.

The minor requires 15 credit hours (5 courses):

Requirements for the Minor (Effective Spring 2014)

Required Courses—Public Policy Minor Hours
PA 210—Introduction to Policy Process 3
PA 211—Policy Analysis and Alternatives 3
Required Hours 6
Elective Courses—Urban Planning and Policy Minor
Students will complete 3 courses (9 hours) from the list below, with at least 1 course
(3 hours) to be selected from Public Administration.
NOTE: Students are encouraged to seek guidance in the selection of electives.
They may be taken primarily in one department, or across multiple departments.
PA 230—Nonprofit Organizations in U.S. Society (3)  
UPA/PA 300—Introduction to Urban Policy Processes (3)  
UPA/PA 303—Urban Goverment I: Managing the Internal Environment  
UPA/PA 305—Urban Government II: Managing the External Environment (3)  
UPA/PA 309—Public Budgeting and Financial Management (3)  
PA 310—Environmental Policy (3)  
PA 410—Economics for Public Administration and Policy Decisions (3)  
UPA/UPP 301—Political Economy of Urban Development (3)  
UPA/UPP 306—Urban Policy Analysis Methods (3)  
UPA/UPP 308—Globalization in Urban Political Affairs (3)  
CLJ 101—Introduction to Criminology, Law, and Justice (3)  
CLJ 200—Law in Society (3)  
CLJ 240—Criminal Justice Organizations (3)  
ECON 214—Economics of Education (3)  
ECON 215—Health Economics (3)  
ECON 220—Microeconomics: Theory and Application (3)  
ECON 328—Public Finance (3)  
ECON 331—Labor Economics (3)  
ECON 332—Urban Economics (3)  
ECON 370—Environmental Economics (3)  
PUBH 100—Health and the Public (3)  
PUBH 110—Public Health and Global Societies (3)  
SOC 105—Social Problems (3)  
Elective Hours 9
Total Hours—Public Policy Minor 15