Catholic Studies (CST)

Subject Number Title Hours Catalog Description General Education Category
CST 120 Catholic Thought: An Introduction 3 hours. Introduction to the main topics, interests, and methods of Catholic thought. Same as RELS 120.   Past course.
CST 150 Catholicism in U.S. History 3 hours. The Catholic experience in the United States from its colonial origins to the present. Same as HIST 150, and RELS 150.   US Society course.
CST 293 Dante's Divine Comedy 3 hours. An in-depth study of the Divine Comedy, read in English, against the historical, religious, philosophical and cultural background of the Middle Ages. Same as RELS 293 and ITAL 293. Previously listed as CST 193. Creative Arts, and Past course.
CST 294 Topics in Catholic History 3 hours. An investigation of the impact of human migration and cultural pluralism on Catholicism and an analysis of the role of the Catholic Church in group relations. Topics will vary. Same as HIST 294, and RELS 294. May be repeated if topics vary.    
CST 295 Topics in Catholic Thought 3 hours. Critical investigation of a topic or topics central to the development of Catholic thought, carried on by study of its proponents and opponents. Topics will vary. Same as RELS 295. May be repeated if topics vary.    
CST 394 Topics in Catholic History and Culture 3 hours. Exploration of various topics in Catholic history and culture. Same as HIST 394, and RELS 394. Prerequisite(s): One course in history or Catholic studies; or consent of the instructor.   
CST 396 Independent Study 1 TO 3 hours. Selected topics for individual study.   May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hour(s).  Students may register for more than one section per term.  Prerequisite(s):  Sophomore standing or above and consent of the instructor.  Recommended background:  CST 120 or CST 150.