Native American Studies (NAST)

Subject Number Title Hours Catalog Description General Education Category
NAST 112 Introduction to Native American Literatures 3 hours. An introduction to the oral and written literatures of American Indians. Same as ENGL 112.   Creative Arts, and US Society course.
NAST 113 Native American Studies: Sovereignty 3 hours. Overview of Native and non-Native perspectives of American Indian sovereignty in historical context. Primary focus on spiritual, political, ethnic, and legislative aspects of sovereignty.  Past, US Society, and World Cultures course.
NAST 115 Introduction to North American Indian History 3 hours. The history of North American Indians from before contact with Europeans through the late twentieth century.  The  interactions between Europeans and American Indians in ways that foreground the experiences and perspectives of indigenous peoples.   Same as HIST 115. Past, US Society, and World Cultures course.
NAST 260 American Indians in Popular Culture: Native Americans in Print, Film and Electronic Media 3 hours. Considers the history of representations of American Indian people, in print, performance, film and electronic media, and over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries. Same as HIST 260. Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing or above; and approval of the department. Recommended background: Grade of B or better or concurrent registration in HIST 115 or Grade of B or better or concurrent registration in NAST 115. Creative Arts, and US Society course.
NAST 271 Native American Art 3 hours. Survey of the arts of the indigenous peoples of the United States and Canada. Same as AH 271. Prerequisite(s): 3 hours of art history at the 100 level or consent of the instructor. World Cultures course.
NAST 415 American Indian Ethnohistory 3 OR 4 hours. Introduction to ethnohistory, an interdisciplinary approach to researching, conceptualizing, and writing American Indian history. The course is organized topically and centers on classic and current monographs and articles.   Same as HIST 415.  3 undergraduate hours.  4 graduate hours.  Prerequisite(s):  Junior standing or above and consent of the instructor.  Recommended background:  Courses in Cultural Anthropology, American Indian Anthropology, American Indian Literature.  
NAST 471 Topics in Native American Literatures 3 OR 4 hours. The history and development of literature by and about American Indians. Content varies. Same as ENGL 471. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. May be repeated up to 1 time(s). Prerequisite(s): Senior standing or above and 6 hours of English, African American studies, or Latin American studies or consent of the instructor.