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Religious Studies

Minor in Religious Studies

927 University Hall
(312) 996-3141
Administration: Kevin M. Schultz


Minor in Religious Studies

The Minor in Religious Studies introduces students to the academic study of religion. Through broad and diverse offerings, the program invites students to explore many of the world’s major religious traditions, as well as the philosophical and theological questions that ground the origins of faith in general. With faculty drawn from departments across campus, the minor encourages students to examine religion and religious phenomenon from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Requirements for the Minor

Students who wish to minor in Religious Studies must complete six RELS courses (18 semester hours). The six courses must include at least one foundational course (RELS 100, RELS 101, RELS 115, RELS 215, and RELS 241). In addition, three of the six courses (9 semester hours) must be at the 200-level or above. Finally, to ensure interdisciplinary perspective, three of the six RELS courses must be cross-listed with three distinct units outside Religious Studies, as selected from the following: African American Studies, Anthropology, Art History, Architecture, Asian American Studies, Asian Studies, Central and Eastern European Studies, Classics, Economics, English, Gender and Women's Studies, Germanic Studies, International Studies, Italian, Latin American and Latino Studies, History, Native American Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

In addition, students who wish to focus on one religious tradition may do so by taking at least three courses (nine semester hours) from a single tradition, including, but not limited to, Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies, or Catholic Studies.

Required Courses—Religious Studies Minor
One of the following:
RELS 100—Religion in Human Experience (3)  
RELS 101—Introduction to World Religions (3)  
RELS/ENGL 115—Understanding the Bible as Literature (3)  
RELS/ANTH 215—Anthropology of Religion (3)
RELS/PHIL 241—Philosophy of Religion (3)  
Any five RELS courses
Total Hours—Religious Studies Minor


Note: When topically relevant, topics courses from other departments may count toward the Minor in Religious Studies, as determined at any time by a committee of faculty in the Religious Studies program.