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500-level courses require graduate standing.

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547 Population-Focused Intervention in Primary Care
2 hours. Population-focused assessment, program planning, and evaluation of interventions for community-based health care providers. Same as NUPH 547. Prerequisite(s): EPID 400.

557 Intermediate Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing Practice
3 hours. Provides intermediate level knowledge and skills in epidemiology for nurses and other public health practitioners. Addresses threats to validity and other issues of interpretation of designs. Same as NUPH 557. Prerequisite(s): EPID 400 or an equivalent course.

559 Grant Writing for Health Care Services
3 hours. Focuses on developing knowledge and application skills needed for successful health service programmatic grant writing. Same as NUPH 559. Prerequisite(s): Credit or concurrent registration in NUPH 507 or credit or concurrent registration in NUSC 507; and credit or concurrent registration in NUAS 502 or credit or concurrent registration in NUPH 511; or consent of the instructor.

566 Family-Focused Health Management in Primary Care
3 hours. Assessment and management of common behavioral, lifestyle, and life cycle issues in primary care using a family-focused approach. Same as NUPH 566. Prerequisite(s): NUSC 532; or consent of the instructor.

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