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Diversity at UIC

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Celebrating Diversity, Ensuring Access

At UIC, we're proud of our tradition of welcoming students from every ethnic and racial group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, and age.

We've been recognized as one of the most diverse colleges in the U.S. But what really matters is the way diversity supports and enriches our students' lives.

You might be interested to know that...

  • UIC has a higher percentage of Latino and African American students than any Big 10 university. We rank 26th in MA degrees awarded to Latinos and African Americans.
  • One quarter of UIC undergraduate students identify themselves as Asian American.
  • UIC ranks among top U.S. medical schools in African American and Latino physicians.
  • Since 1989, UIC has doubled our African American, Latino, and Native American tenured and tenure-track faculty. Fourteen percent of faculty are Asian American/Pacific Islander.

What does this mean to you? Each year, UIC supports a wide variety of events, programs, support groups, and cultural centers celebrating and furthering diversity and ensuring access for everyone. Students can engage in special academic counseling, supplemental instruction, summer internships, and much more.

For more information, visit the Diversity website.

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Biological Sciences

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