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Also known as NAPRALERT, Pharmacognosy Field Station, Program for Collaborative Research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences

Banner Dept: 2-953000

833 So Wood Street Chicago IL 60612
Department Roster
General Information
333 PHARM MC 781
T 312-996-7245
Guido Frank Pauli
414 PHARM MC 781
T 312-355-1949
Center Affiliate
Ct Che
T 312-996-5234
Center Affiliate
Shaonong Chen
T 312-996-8803
Center Affiliate
Birgit M. Dietz
T 312-996-3258
Center Affiliate
James B McAlpine
Center Affiliate
Dejan S Nikolic
T 312-413-5867
Center Affiliate
Jimmy Orjala
T 312-996-5583
Center Affiliate
Guenter Vollmer
Center Affiliate
Jim Wang
World Health Organization (WHO)

833 South Wood Street Chicago IL 60612
F 312-996-7101
Ct Che
325 PHARM MC 781
T 312-996-5234
Associate Director
Harry H S Fong
118B2 PHARM MC 781
T 312-996-7107
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Monica L Carney
161 PHARM MC 874
T 312-996-3174
F 312-996-8859


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