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2801 UH MC 102
601 S. Morgan Street Chicago IL 60607-7128
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Vice Chancellor for Innovation
TJ Augustine
2801 UH MC 102
T 312-355-3208
Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation
Kristy Kuzmuk
2805 UH MC 102
T 312-355-3208
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Innovation
Lisa Fields
2801 UH MC 102
T 312-996-3009
Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Chief Information Officer
Matt Riley
T 312-413-0003
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Corporate Partnerships
Alan Koncarevic
2514 UH MC 102
T 312-996-0480
Assistant Vice Chancellor, UIC Extended Campus
Dara E Crowfoot
205 1333SH MC 140
T 312-996-8586
Scientific Director, West Loop Innovations
Melissa Maderia
446 CMW MC 682
T 312-413-3897
Assistant Director for Innovation
Stacey Valuch
2832 UH MC 102
Finance and Administration
Senior Director for Finance and Administration
Patrick Coogan
205 1333SH MC 140
T 312-996-2317
Director of Human Resources
Margot Wosko Pietrusiewicz
205 1333SH MC 140
T 312-413-9463
Assistant Director of Budget and Finance
Bryan John Mainville
124A BGRC MC 135
T 312-996-2635
Assistant Director, Procurement & Contract Operation
Kunal Shah
B12A PSB MC 500
T 312-996-7475
HR Manager
Sadonia Letrice Ruff
124B PSB MC 500
T 312-355-1876
Financial Planning Analyst
Timothy G Granato
206 1333SH MC 140
T 312-355-1919
Financial Reporting and Planning Analyst
Stephanie Pinghu Yang
124 BGRC MC 135
T 312-413-0196
Cost Accountant
Elia Storino
B13A PSB MC 500
T 312-355-0208
HR Coordinator
Sherri Richardson
124A PSB MC 500
T 312-413-9443
Warehouse Assets Coordinator
Jorge Abrego
B13 PSB MC 500
T 312-996-3327
Warehouse Assets Coordinator
Gary R Morrison
B13 PSB MC 500
T 312-996-8009
Business Administrative Associate
Sara J Caswell
124 BGRC MC 135
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Lisa Fields
2801 UH MC 102
T 312-355-3869


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