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DESIGN, School of

Also known as SCHOOL OF DESIGN

Banner Dept: 2-895000

3100 ADS MC 036
845 West Harrison Street Chicago IL 60607
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-413-2333
Marcia E Lausen
T 312-413-2331
Associate Director
Ann Katherine Clarke
3430 ADS MC 036
T 312-355-0989
Coordinator of Academic Programs & Student Services
Kevin Arnold Strickland
3430 ADS MC 036
T 312-355-1405
Instructional Laboratory Specialist, Print Lab
Daniel Paul Mellis
Instructional Lab Specialist
Kathie H Chung
Accounting Assistant
Itzel Lopez
T 312-355-1405
Associate Director for Graphic Design
Amir Berbic
Associate Director for Industrial Design
Sung B Jang
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Jessie Morris-Forristall
1066A BSB MC 285
T 312-996-7588
Phonebook Contact Person
Dina L Taylor
T 312-413-2963
Phonebook Contact Person
Ann Katherine Clarke
106 JH MC 036
REACH Contact
Jahnvi Vasant Patel
Jahnvi Vasant Patel
Ann Katherine Clarke
106 JH MC 036
See Also
Architecture, Design, and the Arts, College of


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