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106 JH MC 201
929 West Harrison St Chicago IL 60607
Department Roster
Acting Director
Jennifer K Reeder
Associate Director
Jen Delos Reyes
T 312-355-5972
Assistant Director
Tenesha Edwards
T 312-996-3433
School Administrative Coordinator
Brenda Lynn Roman
T 312-996-3303
Instructional Lab Specialist, Moving Image
Paul C Dickinson
T 312-996-0767
Instructional Lab Specialist, Photography
Christopher Ivan Markin
T 312-413-1001
Instructional Laboratory Specialist, Studio Art
Matthew Henry Mancini
T 312-413-0027
Instructional Lab Specialist, New Media
Shane Michael Hope
Museum and Exhibition Studies
Therese Maura Quinn
T 312-413-2463
Graduate Academic Advisor, MUSE
Anthony Stepter
Gallery 400
General Line
T 312-996-6114
Lorelei Stewart
T 312-355-4850
Assistant Director
Sheridan Anderson
T 312-355-1219
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Annabelle E Clarke
T 312-355-9101
Phonebook Contact Person
Jessie Morris-Forristall
303 JH MC 033
T 312-355-3048
Phonebook Contact Person
Tenesha Edwards
106 JH MC 201
T 312-996-3433
REACH Contact
Sarah Ritch
T 312-355-3273
Siddharth Neeraj Sinha
Daniel Scott Viger
303 JH MC 033
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Architecture, Design, and the Arts, College of


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