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THEATRE, Department of


Banner Dept: 2-489000

L017 ETMSW MC 255
1040 W. Harrison Street Chicago IL 60607
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General Information
T 312-996-2977
F 312-996-0954
Christine Mary Dunford
T 312-413-7642
Head of Theatre
Yasen M Peyankov
T 312-413-2114
Coordinator of Theatre Operations
Neal Joseph McCollam
T 312-996-3991
Business Manager
Tomoko C Kawanaka
T 312-413-1058
A/V Technician
Ryan K Ingebritsen
T 312-996-6768
Administrative Assistant
Melissa A Reeves
T 312-996-2977
Box Office
L282 UIC Theatre MC 255
T 312-996-2939
Technical Director
Rebecca Ann Venable
L281 UICT MC 255
1044 W. Harrison Street Chicago IL 60607
T 312-996-2567
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Jessie Morris-Forristall
303 JH MC 033
T 312-355-3048
Phonebook Contact Person
Victoria Wahlstrom Vinson
L017 ETMSW MC 255
T 312-413-1058
Phonebook Contact Person
Dina L Taylor
T 312-413-2963
Phonebook Contact Person
Catherine Ann Foley-DiVittorio
3331 ETMSW MC 147
T 312-996-4360
F 312-996-9679
REACH Contact
Jahnvi Vasant Patel
Jahnvi Vasant Patel


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