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LINGUISTICS, Department of

Also known as HEBREW, Linguistics, JAPANESE, Linguistics, KOREAN, Chinese, Linguistics, TESOL

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1722 UH MC 315
601 S. Morgan Chicago IL 60607
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-413-1044
Head & Director of Undergraduate Studies
Xuehua Xiang
1508 UH MC 315
601 S. Morgan Chicago IL 60607
T 312-996-5588
Coordinator, Chinese Basic Language Program
Xuehua Xiang
1508 UH
T 312-996-5588
Coordinator, Japanese Basic Language Program
Mika Obana Changet
1504 UH MC 315
601 S. Morgan Chicago IL 60607
T 312-996-3243
Coordinator, Korean Basic Language Program
Hanae Kim
1506 UH
T 312-413-2376
1722 UH
T 312-996-5218
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Candace Hoover
1723 UH MC 315
T 312-996-4555
REACH Contact
Jason McKinney
424 SEO
T 312-996-5237
REACH Contact
Ryan Hannigan
430F SEO MC 228
T 312-413-2102
Abby Stahl Molenda
2131 SSB MC 018

1729 UH MC 315
T 312-355-0907
T 312-413-3491
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