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Also known as OBDS

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MC 078
809 S. Marshfield Avenue, 6th Floor Chicago IL 60612
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Department Roster
Fax 312-996-6005
General Information for Business Development Services
T 312-996-3830
F 312-996-6005
Interim Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance
Gloria Keeley
611 MAB MC 078
T 312-996-5958
Associate Director
Patricia Menguito
626 MAB MC 078
T 312-413-9483
Assistant Director
Edward D Seighman
624 MAB MC 078
T 312-996-1822
Assistant Director
Lenis Lee
625 MAB MC 078
T 312-996-9014
Contract Coordinator
Rosetta Ballard Houston
622 MAB MC 078
T 312-413-1090
622D MAB MC 078
T 312-996-3820
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Gracie Pena
600 MAB MC 078
T 312-413-2947
Phonebook Contact Person
Nancy Saysavanh
600 MAB MC 078
T 312-585-9064
See Also
OBFS - Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance


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