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3252 EPASW MC 147
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Department Roster
Fax 312-996-8134
General Information
T 312-413-2414
Benjamin M Superfine
3222 ETMSW MC 147
T 312-996-3326
Director, Center for Urban Educational Leadership
Shelby A. Cosner
3444 ETMSW MC 147
T 312-413-8249
Business/Administrative Associate
Alejandra Cantero
3343 ETMSW MC 147
T 312-996-5650
Administrative Aide
3343 ETMSW MC 147
T 312-996-5580
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Dona Williams
612 UH MC 192

3331 ETMSW MC 147
T 312-996-4360
Phonebook Contact Person
Loretta Foote Casey
3329 ETMSW MC 147
T 312-996-0741
F 312-996-9679
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Education, College of


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